The internet remains one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century. People can communicate, send and receive emails, buy and sell goods and services and play online through the internet. Moreover, the online resources help people improve knowledge and access the latest news through platforms such as the online libraries. There are several ways through which the internet brings people closer.

Firstly, the internet is considered a cheap and easier way of communication around the world. Almost every family has access to the new phones the Android that can access the web. Communication is a crucial part of people’s daily life (Theocharis, Lowe, van Deth, & García Albacete, 2013). People stay and get closer to each other through communication. Moreover, the easiest and the main feature of communicating and exchanging information is through ending messages. Importantly, the internet has increased the capacity of sending messages with new inventions such as Facebook, Tweeter, and Emails.

Additionally, the internet is a valuable educational resource. Most people can study even when they have located far away from the college or school. Almost all the colleges and universities are providing online courses that help most people achieve their goal of higher education (Huang, Shen, and Contractor, 2013). Besides, higher education was expensive before the invention of the internet. Moreover, such online programs enable people from different places to interact and share their cultures.

Thirdly, the internet has become one of the most important parts of business today. Most organizations and businesses have switched online. This enables them to do business with people who are a thousand mile away (Theocharis et al.,. 2013). Through such activity, they can interact and get closer to each other. In conclusion, the internet remains one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, and it helps people get closers and interact with each other.