Major Application of Polyester Linear Screen Mesh Belt Cloth

Linear Screening is a process that eliminates trash, oversized particles, and wood fiber from slurried and processed ores. This is a system that is capable of eradicating particles from 150 to 2000 microns.

Linear screen cloth is mostly used in the filtration industry. It is used in industries including mining, food industry’s filtration and dryer, and making paper pulp. In the mining industry, the cloth is used for mining separation as a conveyor belt. In paper mills, the woven fabric might be used for creating pulp washing. As far as the food processing industry is concerned, the linear screen cloth is used for drying parts like tea drying, fruit drying, and biscuit drying.

There are numerous uses of polyester linear screen mesh belt cloth. In this post, we have listed the major applications of linear screen cloth. Take a look!

Mining Slurries Filtration, Mineral Washing, and Separation

For removing wood fiber or any other impurities from the mining slurries, linear screen cloth is the best choice. The linear screen cloth is highly efficient in eliminating impurities as it is capable of removing 98% of the impurities.

Furthermore, the screen mesh cloth is perfect for dewatering and mineral washing. This is the reason why it is used for potassium chloride, salts, chloride, raw materials, sodium chloride, coal, and other raw materials.

Thanks to the accurate mesh aperture, the filter has smooth mechanical running and great abrasion resistance.

Conveying and Drying in the Food Industry

Another use of linear screen mesh cloth is in the food processing industry. It is useful for food processing functions like tea drying coffee roasting, soup drying, freezing and for fruit and vegetable before washing. The polyester mesh belts should be capable of providing mechanical conveying along with heating.

Best Mesh Screen Belts

There are plenty of mesh screen belts available on the market. However, not all of them are made of high-quality materials and offer efficiency. The best choice in the mesh screen belt is Bonfilt. The mesh belts provided by Bonfilt are made from top-quality material that will increase the efficiency of the process. The screen mesh belt is durable and strong enough to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Additionally, the mesh belts feature a sturdy structure and precise aperture. The mesh belt is flexible lengthwise and has high stability in lateral along with heat resistance. The surface of the mesh screen belt is smooth and easy to clean.

We use EU and FDA food contact regulations compliant material that makes it reliable and safe. The polyester material of the mesh screen belt can withstand temperature from -40 to 150 degrees Celsius. In case you want to have a mesh belt for higher temperatures, then PPS can be customized according to your requirements

In the end, a linear screen is an efficient system that will eliminate the impurities. The linear screen mesh belt can be used in the food industry, mining industry, and paper pulp making. If you need more information, kindly visit our website, or contact us.