Why is the faerie world music festival closed?

As owners and producers, we have been faced with literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt that at this point is insurmountable. Any hope of restarting Faerieworlds this year has expired: a number of factors affect our ability to re-open the event we all love and care about.

Is there going to be a faerie world in 2022?

That said, we are currently considering several options that may keep the Faerieworlds dream alive in 2022. It most probably will require a new venue location and a fresh configuration of the event itself. If this is possible, please know it is our goal to have Faerieworlds remain the experience we all have come to know these past 19 years.

Is the community of faerie worlds still strong?

We also know the Faerieworlds’ community is strong in its heart and beliefs and will not only survive but prevail. Hold on to all the wonderful memories of Faerieworlds and FaerieCon in your minds and hearts and know that all of those moments are rich and real and will empower, sustain and inspire you in the coming days.

Where is the Renaissance Faire in Oregon located?

T he only Fair of its kind in Oregon, this exciting event offers an educational interactive adventure in history, welcoming families and children. Modeled on the merriest of elements from the times of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I, and set in the historic renaissance of 1558 to 1603, here all the Faire is a stage, and everyone a player!

Who are the festival fairies in Rainbow Magic?

There are four Festival fairies and they are: Deena the Diwali Fairy, Hana the Hanukkah Fairy, Elisha the Eid Fairy and Bea the Buddha Day Fairy . Jack Frost is jealous of all the religious festivals in the world so he decides to steal the Festival Fairies’ objects to create Frost Day.