What is Clayton Christensen theory?

Clayton M. Christensen is best known for his theory of disruptive innovation, in which he warns large, established companies of the danger of becoming too good at what they do best. Through incremental innovation, that product is refined and moves upmarket, completing the disruption of the original company.

What did Clayton Christensen died from?

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What happened to Clayton Christensen?

Christensen, known as the world’s foremost authority on “disruptive innovation,” died Jan. 23 surrounded by his family after a year-long battle with leukemia. He was 67 years old. Christensen joined the HBS faculty in 1992.

Is Clayton M Christensen LDS?

Born in Salt Lake City, Christensen grew up in a Mormon family and served as a missionary in South Korea from 1971 to 1973; he speaks fluent Korean. He earned a summa cum laude degree in economics from Brigham Young University, then attended Queen’s College, Oxford, as a Rhodes Scholar, where he received an M. Phil.

What is Clayton Christensen known for?

Clayton Magleby Christensen (April 6, 1952 – January 23, 2020) was an American academic and business consultant who developed the theory of “disruptive innovation”, which has been called the most influential business idea of the early 21st century.

Is Clayton Christensen dead?

Deceased (1952–2020)
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Who is Clayton Christensen and what does he do?

Clayton Magleby Christensen (born April 6, 1952) is an American academic, business consultant, and religious leader who currently serves as the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School of Harvard University. He is best known for his theory of ” disruptive innovation “,…

What does Clayton Christensen mean by sustaining innovation?

According to Christensen, established companies are indeed innovating, yet they are focusing on ’sustaining innovation’ rather than disruptive innovation. Sustaining innovations may be incremental (small approvements of the same product) or major breakthroughs and focus on profit maximization.

Who is Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School?

Clayton M. Christensen is the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and a coauthor of The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty (HarperCollins, 2019).

What was the first book that Clayton Christensen wrote?

Christensen introduced “disruption” in his 1997 book The Innovator’s Dilemma, and it led The Economist to term him “the most influential management thinker of his time.”