Who is the CEO of Reece Plumbing?

Peter J. Wilson (2008–)
Reece Group/CEO
Led by Peter Wilson as Group CEO and Managing Director, the Reece Group Leadership Team will also consist of a Group CFO, CEO US, and CEO ANZ.

How much is the Wilson family worth?

The Wilson family had earlier appeared in the BRW Rich Families List that was published annually between 2008 and 2015. Meanwhile, Forbes Asia assessed Wilson’s net worth as US$1.6 billion in 2017; revised to US$2.50 billion in 2019.

What is Reece worth?

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Net Worth: $4 Million
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Is the Reece Group a public company?

Reece Limited is a locally-owned publicly listed company that derives its revenue from the provision of plumbing, bathroom, heating, ventilation, waterworks, air conditioning and refridgeration products.

Is Reece Australian owned?

Reece Limited is a publicly-listed Australian company, and the country’s largest supplier of plumbing and bathroom supplies. Reece employs approximately 8,000 people and operates 800 branches that supply more than 300,000 products. The company is 70% owned by the Wilson Family.

Is Reece an Australian company?

Australia’s leading supplier of plumbing and bathroom products. Today, Reece is a major public company and Australia’s most successful supplier of plumbing and bathroom products. We have over 450 stores across Australia with over 4,000 staff and thousands of products.

How much is Ryan world worth?

The young online sensation has an estimated net worth of $32 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. His channel has accumulated more than 29 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 47 billion times.

Does Reece own Actrol?

With Actrol and Metalflex now part of the Reece Group, you can easily purchase from both these companies using your Reece account.

Who owns Reece Australia?

Reece Group
Reece Limited/Parent organizations

What does Reece mean?

re(e)-ce. Origin:Welsh. Popularity:980. Meaning:enthusiasm.

How much does Peter Wilson get paid at reeces?

As the Group Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, and Director of Reece, the total compensation of Peter Wilson at Reece is AUD$4,701,540. There are no executives at Reece getting paid more.

Who is the CEO of the company reeces?

Reece (REH) has changed up its leadership to accelerate its long-term growth strategy. The company’s leadership team will be led by Peter Wilson as Group CEO and Managing Director, and it will also include a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CEO U.S., and CEO ANZ.

Who are the Wilson brothers who own reeces?

Reece is Australia’s biggest bathroom- and plumbing-supplies chain. The three brothers own 75% of the company. Bruce and John have retired from the Reece board. Alan remains as executive chairman and his son Peter is chief executive.

Who is the chairman of HJ reeces?

Alan became Reece’s chairman in 2008 and his son Peter is now chief executive. The brothers’ father, Leslie Wilson, was a plumber who joined the board of HJ Reece, then a small listed plumbing supplies company in 1958.