What will make you a good resident?

Successful residents generally display qualities that include trustworthiness, efficiency, independent learning, strong work ethics, high attention to detail, and personability. Similarly, the pillars of excellence for an attending surgeon (the 3 As) are availability, affability, and ability, in that order.

Is residency stressful?

Residency is such a thrilling, stressful, challenging time in life. You grow so much as a person — more than just the ways to become a physician. So much is deferred because of medical training — marriage, buying a home, raising kids. And then residency ends.

What are you looking for in a residency?

Clinical performance (MSPE scores/Dean’s Letter/grades in required clerkships) Medical knowledge, including basic sciences and medical practice (USMLE scores) Perceived commitment to specialty and relevant experiences (Residency personal statement, CV)

How do you introduce yourself in residency interview?

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How long is a residency interview?

10 minutes