Which energy drink is best for gamers?


  1. Rogue Energy (Winner) Caffeine – 175mg. Total Active Weight – 3.50grams/serving.
  2. Ghost Gamer. Caffeine – 75mg.
  3. Sneak Energy. Caffeine – 150mg.
  4. G Fuel. Caffeine – 140mg.
  5. Monster Energy. Caffeine – 160mg.
  6. Bang Energy. Caffeine – 300mg.
  7. Game Fuel. Caffeine – 90mg.

Do energy drinks help with gaming?

On average, sixty minutes after drinking energy drinks, physical and mental skills in gaming decrease to a much lower level than before. Energy drinks have many disadvantages, especially if you have to stay focused, motivated, talkative, and creative for a longer time.

Why do pro gamers drink energy drinks?

Energy drinks can provide a game-time buzz that will help you remain alert, focused, and ready to go physically when it comes to playing your favourite video games. They can enhance the brain’s ability to function, as well as the overall functioning of the nervous system.

How do I get energized for gaming?

Tired? These 9 Tips Will Help Increase Your Game Day Stamina

  1. Don’t forget to sleep. Get some good rest the night before a game.
  2. Start with a good breakfast and lunch.
  3. H20 is your friend, so drink lots of it.
  4. Sports drinks to the rescue.
  5. Beware of energy drinks.
  6. Keep snacks on deck.
  7. Halftime = break time.
  8. Practice makes perfect.

Do gamers drink Red Bull?

Energy drinks and gaming 50-100mg of caffeine per serving is a good range for gaming – that’s enough to give you the kick you need without going overboard and causing jitters. Most energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull are loaded with sugar, on par with sugary sodas like Coke.

Can you drink sneak everyday?

Sneak contains 150mg of caffeine per serving meaning that you can safely consume up to two servings of Sneak per day.

Does Red Bull make you faster?

The findings of the study indicate that consuming Red Bull an hour before exercise does help to improve running performance. Additionally, researchers found that 78% of participants who consumed Red Bull elevated their performance, in comparison to only 22% of those who consumed the placebo.

Why do gamers drink Red Bull?

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world as measured by market share. Millions of gamers in every corner of the globe turn to a trusty can of Red Bull to fuel their gaming sessions every day. With 80mg of caffeine in a can, Red Bull gives you a nice energy boost, without overdoing it on the caffeine.

Is Red Bull bad for gaming?

Who owns sneak energy?

Jonny Teeling –
Jonny Teeling – Founder – Sneak Energy | LinkedIn.

Is sneak healthier than monster?

As you can see if we compare these drinks are very close, although Monster Zero Ultra has 0 calories compared to Sneak’s 12. For those wondering the caffeine level difference, Sneak has 150 mg of caffeine per serving compared to Monster’s 140 mg.