What was the 6 degrees of separation experiment?

Duncan Watts and colleagues at Columbia University in New York conducted a massive email experiment to test the theory of “six degrees of separation”, i.e. that everyone in the world can be linked through just six social ties. More than 60,000 people from 166 different countries took part in the experiment.

How did six degrees impact society?

The website credited as being the “first online social media” site is Six Degrees. The reason Six Degrees is considered to be the first of the social networks is because it allowed people to sign up with their email address, make individual profiles, and add friends to their personal network.

What happens at the end of 6 degrees of separation?

Throughout the play, Paul wavers between both personalities. To Rick and Elizabeth, he appears as the young man of good breeding; this time, instead of claiming Sidney Poitier as his father, he claims Flan Kittredge. After he has won their trust and money, however, he reverts.

Who was the director of six degrees of separation?

Onstage, directed by Jerry Zaks with a backdrop of only two sofas and a fake Kandinsky, “Six Degrees of Separation” had a quick, precise comic style that left a great deal to the imagination. Much of the play’s hilarity came from its lightning-fast juxtapositions, and the dizzying ways in which they allowed the story to escalate.

What are the minor settings in six degrees of separation?

Less imaginative are the side trips to every minor setting (the Strand Bookstore, the Rainbow Room, a skating rink) that figures even faintly in this story.

Who are the Kittredges in six degrees of separation?

Rich New York City art dealers Flan and Ouisa Kittredge are called on one night by a young man, Paul, who professes to be a friend of their kids’ from Harvard. They offer him a bed for the night. He enchants them with a home-cooked meal and magnificent conversation. The next morning, they learn that he is not all he seems to be.

Who is Paul Poitier in six degrees of separation?

The young man, Paul Poitier (Will Smith), had just arrived in the city when he was mugged outside their building, he sported a minor knife wound to the abdomen. He was a friend of the Kittredges’ children, who are attending Harvard; more importantly, he’s the son of actor and Director Sidney Poitier.