Do Japanese soaking tubs have a seat?

Most Japanese soaking tubs have seats inside them (as you can see on this Copper Tub from Premier Copper Products), allowing bathers to submerge all the way up to their shoulders without either laying flat or having to sit with their knees to their chest.

How deep should a Japanese soaking tub be?

They offer water depths of more than 22 inches deep to ensure the average adult can be submerged up to their shoulders when sitting upright. Japanese soaking tubs are available in a wide range of sizes, from single-person baths to larger sizes that accommodate multiple people.

What is the purpose of a Japanese soaking tub?

This type of tub has been used in Japan for centuries as an indoor extension of bathing in the country’s plentiful hot springs. The bath has always held significant importance in Japanese culture to cleanse and purify both the body and soul, and this ritual is now catching on in the West.

Are soaking tubs hard to get into?

Renovating your master bathroom from the ground up will make it easy to include a soaking tub in the layout, but fitting one into a finished bathroom will be tricky. However, Willetts says, most soaking tubs can fit into the space meant for bathtubs as they can be selected in a standard bathtub length of 60 inches.

Is there an outdoor soaking tub in Japan?

The bath is designed to sit upright instead of lying down. Diamond Spas fabricates a comfortable bench seat in each Japanese style bath for optimal comfort. Outdoor soaking tubs are available as well. Japanese bath designs have become increasingly popular over the years.

What kind of bathtubs do Japanese people use?

Diamond Spas offers five spectacular designs in stainless steel or copper, in both free standing or drop in styles. Japanese soaking tubs are for those who take great pleasure in the benefits of soaking in hot water.

Which is the best soaking tub in the world?

Voted “Best Residential Bath” by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry 2007. Fully skirted Japanese bath 40”x 60”x 35” with 2 copper tulip vessel sinks. Stainless Steel Japanese Soaking Bath Fabricated with two bench seats for two bathers.

How did the Takara deep soaking tub get its name?

Takara is a Japanese name meaning ‘treasure.’ As the sixth generation in our history-making range, it incorporates everything embodied in our earlier deep soaking tubs that previous customers have said they most valued. The most distinctive features of the Takara deep soaking tub are the grab rails set above its long armrests.