What should I write in education in CV?

Your academic background should be listed according to your own personal profile and also the job specification. Highlight key achievements and influential qualifications. Always include your degree. Choose whether to put the work experience or education section first depending on your own personal circumstances.

What looks good on a teaching resume?

10 Awesome Tips for the Best Teacher ResumeNumbers numbers numbers. You want to quantify as much as possible on your teacher resume. A teacher resume emphasizes certifications and awards. Make sure your skills section is specific. Only list recent jobs. Show that you’re a tech wiz. Use those action verbs. Include a cover letter. Keep it short.

What are the hobbies for a teacher?

Content expertise is one of the secrets to great teaching. However, when combined with a breadth of knowledge, which can include hobbies like travel, sports, reading, painting, and, most important, time away from teaching, then you have the tools to be that one teacher your students will always remember.