What should I put on my resume for a part time job?

Create the Perfect Part-Time Resume Job Description So: Begin with your current position and then just go back time with previous positions. Each entry should include: your job title, “part-time” put next to the title if you worked there part-time, company name, dates of employment, and up to 6 bullet points.

How do I write a CV for a part time job?

Here are our top tips.Mentioning your motives for going part-time in the personal statement.Always highlight your achievements.Match skills to the job where relevant.Edit and proofread.

How do you write a resume for a first part time job?

Here are five resume tips for part-time job seekers:State what you want. As you prepare your targeted resume, state unequivocally at or near the top that you’re looking for part-time work. Say why you want it. Highlight what you bring to the table. Target your search. Go virtual.

How many jobs are you supposed to put on a resume?

“Now, create an outline of your resume. Include only those of your jobs that are relevant to the opening. If you aren’t a recent graduate or senior executive baby boomer, you’ll probably include no more than five positions that span a total of no more than 10-15 years.”