What level should I be to fight normal von Leon?

MapleStory Boss Range Chart/Table

Boss Level Damage Range
Julieta Gollux* (Normal) Von Leon (Normal) 150 800k
OMNI-CLN Pink Bean (Normal) 180 250k
Magnus (Normal) Cygnus (Easy) Von Leon (Hard) 160 900k
Akarium (Normal) Papulatus (Normal) 170 2mil

Does hard Von Leon drop coins?

Only drops the coins on easy or normal.

Is Von Leon set good?

The Von Leon set is the best mid-game set one can easily obtain on their own, that is, without the help of other, significantly stronger, characters assisting you.

What level can you solo von Leon?

800-900k to solo if you’re not so sure. 600-800k with a full party. 1.5m-2m to solo if you’re comfortable with the fight.

What level can you solo horntail?

but, it is recommended that you are at least level 150 before you begin especially since Horntail is level 160.

Can you solo Magnus?

You can probably do it around 400k if you wait for your bind to be up before rezing.

How do you get into Von Leon audience room?

Me and the other Windia guys tried Von Leon, and got hopelessly slaughtered. But if you really do, talk to the knight guy in the 4th tower and do his quest chain to get a scroll that lets you teleport to the room.

Is Von Leon gear better than Pensalir?

Pensalir sets earlier today, and after much labor and work, I have actually discovered, that via Set bonus, Von Leon gives you more ATT, more of your two main stats, more HP/MP, more defense, and even more speed and jump!

Where can I fight Horntail?

Once you have finished HTPQ or if you have skipped it, you will enter the entrance to Horntail’s cave. Clicking the rock in the middle of the map will lead you into Horntail’s cave where you will finally fight Horntail.

What can von Leon do if he takes too much damage?

If he takes too much damage, Von Leon summons Mini Castle Golems, Prison Guard Boars, and Prison Guard Rhinos to aid him. He can absorb the Mini Castle Golems to recover HP if they remain too long.

What’s the cooldown on von Leon in RuneScape?

Von Leon is likely the first difficult Boss a player will encounter in the game, and the first one encountered who can seal the ability to use potentials, while the map has a 30 second cooldown on potions/recovery items, an ability exhibited later by other bosses.

Is there a way to keep von Leon pinned?

Von Leon is insane, you can’t keep him pinned, he teleports too much. He has damage reflect too, and its sneaky and hard to see if its on, if you attack him during it, you die. Thus why no character should ever, ever, EVER be allowed to deal more damage than they have HP.

What do you do when von Leon banish you?

Occasionally during the battle, Von Leon will banish one or more members of the party to the Aerial Prison, a room full of chests; each player must find a key by smashing the chests to use the portal to return to the battle. This map will not have a potion cooldown, and can be used as a break room to recover health/cast buffs.