Can National Guard go AGR?

Anyone can apply for an AGR position including Individual Mobility Augmentees, Traditional reservists, Air Reserve Technicians, Guard members and regular Air Force members.

Is AGR Reserve or National Guard?

AGR (Active Guard/Reserve Position) An AGR position is an Active Guard/Reserve Position. An AGR position is a full-time military position. As an AGR, you receive all the same benefits as active duty members, including receiving full retirement if you complete your full 20 years of service.

How often does AGR deploy?

every three years
Average time on station is currently 2.9 years for officers and 3.1 years for warrant officers. This means you should expect to PCS every three years. Your initial AGR order will be for three years.

Is AGR considered active duty?

Current Active Guard Reserve (AGR) members are considered on active duty for GI Bill purposes; therefore they are not covered individuals under the Resident Rate Requirements.

Do AGR get Bah?

Consult your Finance Office if you are in one of these situations. Army National Guard Soldiers on active duty under Title 10 USC are eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing or Basic Allowance for Housing Reserve Component/Transit (BAH RC/T) if they are on active duty for 30 or fewer days.

How long can you stay AGR?

A typical AGR tour is around 3 years. A deployment could make that longer. Some might even get lucky and have their tour extended (but from my understanding, that’s pretty rare).

Does AGR get bonuses?

Reserve Component Enlistment Bonus : Non-Prior Service recruits enlisting in the Army National Guard for six years in a specified job skill specialty may be eligible for a bonus or a combination of bonuses up to $20,000.

Can you quit an AGR job?

Applicants who voluntarily separate from the AGR program for 1 or more days are not eligible to reenter the program for 1 years from date of separation. Individuals who voluntarily resign from the AGR program in lieu of adverse personnel actions are not eligible to reenter the program.

What Army mos are in demand?

Current (subject to change based on Army requirements) high demand MOSs include:

  • 18X (Spec Forces; Elementary Lang Proficiency)
  • 37F (Psychological Operations Specialist)
  • 25P (Microwave Systems Operator-Maintainer.
  • 35M (Human Intelligence Collector: Lang Proficiency)
  • 14P (Air Missile Defense Crew Member)

What are the qualifications to join the Army Reserve?

Applicants must first meet the basic qualifications to join the Reserves. A candidate must be at least 17, a legal U.S. citizen, and have at least a high school diploma or a GED and a minimum of 15 college credits. They cannot have been convicted of a felony, and they must pass the Army physical.

What is the job of the Army Reserve?

Army Reserve jobs may include a position as infantryman. Army Reserve jobs may include work as an ammunition specialist. Infantry soldiers navigate areas on foot. An Army Reserve officer reports for periodic military training. Serving as a reservist typically includes marksmanship training.

What are army reserve requirements?

To enroll as an Army Reserve member, you must be a U.S. citizen between the ages of 17 and 35. You must be free from underlying health issues and in great physical condition. You must take and pass tests known as the ASVAB, or Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, and a physical fitness test.

What is army reserve commitment?

Reserves terms of Committment. The Army Reserve requires that you make an 8 year military commitment, serve at least one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Terms of service for Army Reserve enlistment’s are 1-6 years. Additional duty is possible. As an Army Reservist you may be required to serve full time when needed.