What is Yuma mukami afraid of?

Yuma Mukami is the name he was given along with a new eternal life, he waits for that final form of fire to come and take away his name, family and life. He tries to prepare himself, but he secretly fears that it might be sooner than he can expect. His fear is loneliness and adaptation.

What is Yuma mukami personality?

He is very sadistic and rough and also quite perverted and hot-tempered. As a child, he was very lively and cheery. Sometimes too rebellious to his parents who were religious people while he didn’t believe in God.

Is Ruki mukami in love with Yui?

By then, Yui has realized that she has fallen in love with Ruki. However, in his Vampire Ending, he admits that he regretted letting Yui go and decides to betray Karlheinz in order to be with her. In Ayato’s MORE BLOOD route, he appears more friendly, gentlemanly and caring towards Yui, unlike in his own route.

Is Azusa mukami a boy?

Azusa Mukami (無神 アズサ Mukami Azusa) is the fourth and youngest son of the Mukami household….Azusa Mukami.

Biographical Info rmation
Gender Male
Height 170 cm (5’56”)
Weight 50 kg (110 lb)
Blood Type A

What is wrong with Kanato?

Kanato has an extreme deficiency in love and care which he never received through childhood, and in his relationship, becomes obsessed with possessing Yui.

What is Ayato Sakamaki afraid of?

He is afraid of bees. In MORE BLOOD, he is rivals with Ruki who likes to taunt and provoke him when it comes to Yui. In DARK FATE, Ayato forgives Cordelia for all the abuse she did on him, after knowing the truth behind her cruelty and her past.

Why does Kou have a red eye?

Kou’s missing right eye was replaced by a magical one by Karlheinz. The magical eye normally appears blue at first sight but when Kou starts reading the heart of the person, to see if they are being truthful, it starts to change to red.

What does Kanato call Yui?

Yui. He often mentally abuses Yui like he does to others, and even threatened to turn her into one of his wax dolls, calling it an “honor”.

Is Yui in love with Ayato?

Ayato never understood the full concept of love until Yui appeared and began to live with them in the Sakamaki household. She starts to also fall in love with him and wants him only to suck her blood not anyone else’s ’cause she confesses that she likes the pain given by Ayato.

Who is the youngest mukami?

Azusa Mukami (無神 アズサ Mukami Azusa) is the fourth and youngest son of the Mukami household.

Did Laito sleep with Cordelia?

Laito was useless to his mother throughout his childhood. Although, he and Kanato had more freedom then their brother Ayato, Laito was envy of his brothers because they had their mother’s attention and he didn’t. Cordelia did slept with other men which Laito would kill them so he could have his mother/lover to himself.

How did Yuma and Yui meet in Diabolik Lovers?

When Yui starts losing her strength, he soon gets bored and agrees to continue sucking her blood back at the mansion. Yuma flings her onto his shoulders telling her that she is lucky to have chosen him, since he is such a ‘nice guy’. Yui is wandering down the hallway of the Mukami mansion and bumps into Yuma.

Who are the Mukami brothers in Diabolik?

Mukami Brothers: Ruki Mukami • Kou Mukami • Yuma Mukami • Azusa Mukami: Tsukinami Brothers: Carla Tsukinami • Shin Tsukinami: Others: Karlheinz • Beatrix • Cordelia • Christa • Richter • Seiji Komori

How tall is Yuma Mukami in Diabolik platinum?

Yuma is a very tall young man with messy light brown hair. He usually has it tied up in a bun with bangs and some strands hanging out from the back. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Choose up to 7 games

What happens to Karlheinz and Yui in Diabolik Lovers?

In his Vampire Ending in MORE BLOOD, he decides to move forward and betray Karlheinz when he asked Yui to marry him. He also asks her to marry him in his Brute Ending in DARK FATE, but this is short-lived when Richter attempts to kill him, but ends up killing Yui when she shielded Yuma from his attack.