What is the meaning of Kwararafa?

Kororofa (Kwararafa in Hausa) was a multiethnic state and/or confederacy centered along the Benue River valley in what is today central Nigeria. It was southwest of the Bornu Empire and south of the Hausa States.

Who are the descendants of Kwararafa?

Jukun (Njikum) are an ethno-linguistic group or ethnic nation in West Africa. The Jukun are traditionally located in Taraba, Benue, Nasarawa, Plateau, Adamawa, and Gombe States in Nigeria and parts of northwestern Cameroon. They are descendants of the people of Kwararafa.

Who are the Kwararafa people in Nigeria?

Some of the major ethnicities include, but are not limited to: Jukun, Tiv(Munshi), Kuteb, Chamba, Idoma, Mumuye, Alago, Aho, Shiki (Kollo or Mighili), Mada, Aho, Kambari, Beriberi (Kanuri), Hausa, Basa.

Where did Jukun migrate from?

Wikipedia indicates that the “Jukun originally came from Sudan. The Kuteb, who speak a related language and live just to the south of the Jukun, have a tradition that they migrated from Egypt about a 1,000 years ago.” As in Egypt, the king of the Jukun is embalmed when he passes on.

What is the meaning of jukun?

Jukun, a people living on the upper Benue River in Nigeria, commonly believed to be descendants of the people of Kororofa, one of the most powerful Sudanic kingdoms during the late European Middle Ages.

How many tribes are there in Taraba State?

40 different tribes
↵There are over 40 different tribes and their languages in Taraba State.

What is the king of Jukun called?

The king, called Aka Uku, was—until he became a member of northern Nigeria’s house of chiefs in 1947—a typical example of a semidivine priest-king.

Who is the richest man in Taraba state?

Richest People in Taraba, NG

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What was the location of the Kwararafa Empire?

It was southwest of the Bornu Empire and south of the Hausa States. They rose to prominence before 1500, were in conflict with their more powerful neighbours in the 17th century, and reduced to a small tribute state by the 18th century.

Who was the leader of the Kwararafa Confederacy?

It is believed that Kwararafa was either a confederacy conquest state, led by the modern Jukun people or perhaps a collective name given by their Muslim foes for a number of pagan peoples to their south.

When did the Kwararafa invade Kano and Bornu?

The Kano Chronicles among other Hausa sources record successful invasions of Hausaland by the Kwararafa, specifically against Kano around 1600, again in the middle of the century, and another in 1671. In the 1670s the Kwararafa assaulted Katsina, sacked Zaria and launched an invasion of Bornu.