What is a FCC card number?

FCC ID numbers consists of two elements, a grantee code and an equipment product code. An FCC ID is assigned to all devices subject to certification. The grantee code, the first portion of the FCC ID, is either a three or five character alphanumeric string representing the Grantee/Applicant.

What is a FCC card?

a) Each employer shall make a request to the Division, on forms supplied by the Division, for the issuance of a firearm control card for each licensee or employee whose duties include the use, carrying or possession of a firearm.

What is a firearm control card in Illinois?

The firearm control card shall be issued by the Department and shall identify the person holding it and the name of the course where the licensee or employee received firearm instruction and shall specify the type of weapon or weapons the person is authorized by the Department to carry and for which the person has been …

What is PERC card for?

PERC stands for Permanent Employee Registration Card. This card is verification to a possible employer that an individual has undergone and passed state and federal background checks and fingerprinting (ensuring that they have not been convicted of any felony charges etc.).

How do I find my FCC ID number?

Finding the FCC ID

  1. Dial *#07# to bring up the device information. Calling this number will not charge you anything or use any minutes.
  2. Check your device settings. You may be able to find the FCC ID under the Legal & Regulatory information on your device.
  3. Search your device model in Google using the keyword site:fccid.io.

What is a tan card?

TAN Card or TAN stands for Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number. TAN registration is mandated for businesses deducting tax at source and is required to be quoted in TDS or TCS return.

Where can I get a FOID card application?

Individuals may apply for a FOID card by visiting the ISP website at www.isp.state.il.us and clicking on the “FIREARMS SERVICES” button under Agency Links. Applicants will be required to upload completed ISP forms Out of State Affidavit: and EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENT CERTIFICATION .

How do I find my PERC card number?

If you need to know your own PERC card number you can call the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation at 800-560-6420. You might also check the documents that came with your card. They include a copy of your application, helpful information and your PERC number.

What is FCC ID serial number?

The FCC ID is a unique identifier to each model of device. The first 3 to 5 characters of the FCC ID are an assigned number unique to each manufacturer (chosen by the FCC). The remaining characters are chosen by the manufacturer of the device and may contain the serial number or model number of the device.

How to apply for a firearm control card?


How to check the status of Your firearms license application?

How to check Check the status of your firearms license application. Contact the Firearms License Application Status Hotline at (617) 660-4722.

How to get a concealed carry ID card in Illinois?

DISCLAIMER: Answers provided to the following questions are meant only to give general guidance. The answers do not and are not meant to replace statutory language. If you have a question regarding the Firearm Owner’s Identification Card or the Firearm Concealed Carry Act that is not addressed in these sections, please call (217) 782-7980.

Do You need A FOID card to own a taser in Illinois?

Unless specifically exempted by statute, any Illinois resident who acquires or possesses firearms, firearm ammunition, tasers or stun guns within the State must have in their possession a valid FOID card issued in his or her name. Non-residents are not required to have a FOID card.