What happened on 27th April in history?

Important Events 1865 Steamboat “SS Sultana” explodes in the Mississippi River, killing up to 1,800 of the 2,427 passengers in the greatest maritime disaster in United States history. Most were paroled Union POWs on their way home.

What was happening in April 2012?

Seven Die in California School Shooting (Apr. 2): One Goh, a 43-year-old former student at Oikos University, a Christian school in Oakland, Calif., opens fire on the campus, killing seven people and wounding several others. Romney Edges Closer to the GOP Nomination (Apr. In Maryland, Romney wins by a wider margin.

What do we celebrate on April 27?

April 27th

  • National Babe Ruth Day.
  • National Devil Dog Day.
  • National Prime Rib Day.
  • National Tell a Story Day.

What happened on the 27th of April 2011?

Nearly 500 preliminary local storm reports were received for tornadoes over four days, including 292 in 16 states on April 27 alone…

Who was born on 27 April?

Birthday wishes go out to Jenna Coleman, Ace Frehley and all the other celebrities with birthdays today. Check out our slideshow below to see photos of famous people turning a year older on April 27th and learn an interesting fact about each of them. Actress Anouk Aimee is 88. Rock musician Jim Keltner is 78.

What do we celebrate in April?

April National Months

  • National Alcohol Awareness Month.
  • English Language Month.
  • National Month of Hope.
  • National Canine Fitness Month.
  • National Financial Literacy Month.
  • National Internship Awareness Month.
  • Distracted Driving Awareness Month.
  • National Child Abuse Awareness Month.

How many deaths were in the Tuscaloosa tornado?

53 people
More than 300 people lost their lives, and the rash of storms caused an estimated $10 billion worth of damage to homes, businesses, and government infrastructure. One of the cities hit hardest was Tuscaloosa, Ala. A nearly mile wide tornado cut a path though the town, killing 53 people, and injuring 1200 more.

When did the month of April 2012 end?

April 2012 was the fourth month of that leap year. The month, which began on a Sunday, ended on a Monday after 30 days.

What was the name of the Spa shooting in 2012?

21st October » A 2012 Azana Spa shootings or shooting at a spa in Brookfield, Wisconsin, leaves four people dead, including the shooter. 29th October » Hurricane Sandy hits the east coast of the United States, killing 148 directly and 138 indirectly, while leaving nearly $70 billion in damages and causing major power outages.

What was the date of the tornado outbreak in 2012?

2nd March » A March 2–3, 2012 tornado outbreak known as tornado outbreak occurred over a large section of the Southern United States and into the Ohio Valley region, resulting in 40 tornado-related fatalities.