What is a practicum in counseling?

The Practicum provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their counseling skills under close supervision in a realistic setting. Clients or groups should come from the environment in which the students are preparing to work.

What is a practicum site?

Practicums (also called internships or work placement programs) are designed to provide students with practical work experience. They’re where students can transfer their knowledge to actual work. Practicums can also open many opportunities to network and make important contacts within the industry.

Should I put my practicum on my resume?

Practicums should be listed under the experience portion of your rsum. If you’re a recent graduate with no paid work experience, highlight your scholastic achievements, awards, course of studies and honors by listing your education first.

How do you write a resume for practicum?

These six steps will help you write an impressive resume that showcases the unique skills you would bring to an internship:Consult your network.Write a strong objective statement.Lead with your strongest asset.Include any work experience you have.Include an achievements section.Keep it simple.