What does wampee fruit taste like?

Sweet/Sour/Resinous – The flesh of wampee fruit is generally sweet with sour elements, thought some varieties are more sugar-forward than others. The thin skin has a somewhat resinous flavour, with elements of pine and camphor.

What is a wampee fruit?

Clausena lansium, also known as wampee or wampi, from the Chinese huang pi (黄皮果, yellow skinned fruit)(Clausena wampi), is a species of strongly scented evergreen trees 3–8 m tall, in the family Rutaceae, native to southeast Asia. The wampee is cultivated for its fruit, which is a grape sized, fragrant citrus.

What does Pink wampee taste like?

The Pink Wampee berry is satisfyingly sweet and slightly citrusy, with a mildly resinous and kumquat-like aftertaste created by the tiny oil glands under its skin. The berry’s flavor also contains notes of black licorice, fennel, coriander, and coffee. Pink Wampee berries have a pleasantly soft texture.

What’s the best way to eat a Wampee?

In china, the fruit is served with meat dishes. Fully ripe and peeled Wampee that are of the sweet or sub acid types can be consumed after throwing away the seeds. The seeded pulp of the fruit can be mixed with desserts, fruit cups or gelatins. In addition, they can also be made into pie or jam.

What kind of climate does Wampee fruit need?

Wampee can’t survive intense frosts and it needs a tropical to subtropical climate to grow well. It best thrives in rich loam and can also be planted on other well drained soils as well. As a matter fact, it needs the same conditions as needed by any other major citrus fruit.

What kind of flavour does thin skin Wampee have?

The thin skin has a somewhat resinous, almost spiced flavour. Chinese: 黄皮果 – huáng pí guǒ (Mandarin/Pinyin), wong4 pei4 gwo2 (Cantonese/Jyutping) – lit. “Yellow skin fruit”

Where can I buy Wampee fruit in China?

Wampee is very popular in and around Hong Kong and southern China when in season, but can be quite sporadic or difficult to find otherwise. Check well-stocked Chinese grocery stores, especially those catering to Hong Kongers and South Chinese communities. Wampee is usually sold on bundles of small branches.