What does it mean to tie something up?

transitive verb. 1 : to attach, fasten, or bind securely also : to wrap up and fasten. 2a : to connect closely : join tie up the loose ends. b : to cause to be linked so as to depend on or relate to something.

What does it mean to tie with someone?

(with someone or something) to join with someone or something; to connect with someone or something. (See also tie in with something.)

How do you tie something up?

tie up. 1. To fasten, secure, or bind someone or something with or as if with a cord, rope, or strap: I tied up the package with twine and sent it off.

Why is tying illegal?

Antitrust concerns are raised by tying arrangements to the extent that they are used to maintain or augment the seller’s pre-existing market power or impair competition on the merits in the market for the tied product. Where a tying arrangement is unlawful, it may be illegal per se or illegal under the rule of reason.

What does it mean to tie up loose ends?

: to complete the parts of something that have not been completed We still have to tie up some loose ends of the project. The writer ties up all the loose ends at the end of the story.

What is it called when you tie someone up?

Kinbaku-bi (緊縛美) translates to “the beauty of binding tightly.” Kinbaku was dubbed shibari as it moved to the Western world and means “to tie.” Riggers, or rope tops, spend years studying the rope as someone would study a martial art: perfecting the art of their ties and forms, both for aesthetics and safety.

What is an example of tying agreement?

Types. Horizontal tying is the practice of requiring consumers to pay for an unrelated product or service together with the desired one. A hypothetical example would be for Bic to sell its pens only with Bic lighters. (However, a company may offer a limited free item with another purchase as a promotion.)

What is the best way to tie a tie?

Using the Easiest Method (Four-in-Hand Knot) Drape the tie around your neck. Cross the wide end over the narrow end. Loop the wide end under the narrow end. Loop the wide end back over again. Pull the wide end up through the neck loop. Insert the wide end down through the front knot. Tighten the knot.

What does it mean to tie?

Tie means to fasten or bind two or more things together with string or rope or to make a knot or bow. An example of to tie is making a bow with shoelaces.

What is the meaning of tie?

Definition of tie (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : a line, ribbon, or cord used for fastening, uniting, or drawing something closed especially : shoelace. b(1) : a structural element (such as a rod or angle iron) holding two pieces together : a tension member in a construction.