How should I prepare for a career fair?

Pre-register for the job fair. Keep reasonable expectations. Understand what recruiters or employers are looking for. Research each prospective employer. Prepare multiple copies of your resume. Choose the best resume format. Consider bringing your portfolio. Have your elevator pitch ready.

How do I prepare for a virtual career fair?

Six Ways to Prepare before a Virtual Career FairUpdate your resume.Research the companies.Create your career fair profile.Practice your elevator pitch.Clean your room.Test your technology.Dress appropriately.Have your resume ready to send.

What to ask at careers fair?

Top tip: Graduate careers fairs are good opportunities to practice basic interview techniques. Think about how you will respond to typical interview questions: What do you know about us? What interests you about working for us? What attracts you to a career in this industry?

How do I talk to recruiters at a career fair?

A good way to break the ice is by introducing yourself to a recruiter. Start with a firm handshake and tell them your name, what you are studying, and year in school. Tell them you are glad to have the opportunity to talk with them about your career interests, and how your experience might fit in with their companies.

How do you introduce yourself at a career fair?

How to Introduce Yourself at a Job Fair | Career ServicesAt the career fair, initiate contact with recruiters by smiling, making eye contact, and shaking hands when introducing yourself.Approach recruiters by yourself, not with a group of friends. Stand up straight and avoid looking fatigued or disorganized when speaking with recruiters.

What should I bring to a career fair?

What To Bring To A Recruiting FairExtra Copies of Your Resume. Depending on the size of the recruiting fair, you will need 20-40 copies of your resume. Target Resumes for Each Career Option. Information about the Organizations. Energy and Enthusiasm. Your Smart Phone. Emergency Change of Clothing. Conclusion.

What do you say in a virtual career fair?

Prepare a few talking points. The employers that you meet with want to learn more about you! So think of an “elevator pitch” about yourself—a short overview about your background, studies, and career goals. Practice with a friend or family member so you’re ready when it’s time to introduce yourself to a recruiter.

How do you stand out in a virtual career fair?

Before the virtual career fairRegister ahead of time. You’re going to want to register beforehand. Research participating organizations. Prepare your resume. Practice your pitch. Make sure your technology is ready to go. Wear a professional outfit. Attend from a distraction-free environment. Be ready to put yourself out there.

What can I expect from a virtual career fair?

Virtual Career Fairs –8 tips to prepareUpdate Your Resume. Remember that your resume should be clean, concise and up to date. Research Companies. Create a Calendar Reminder. Prepare Your Introduction. Dress Appropriately. Have Your Paperwork in Order and Test Your Internet and Video Connections. Keep Organized. Send Thank You Notes.

How do I make a good impression at a career fair?

The steps can be divided into three sections: before, during, and after the fair.Before the fair.Do your homework. Create a game plan. Dress for the job you want. During the fair.Introduce yourself. Deliver your elevator pitch.

Are career fairs a waste of time?

The truth is, job fairs are largely a waste of time. Companies go to job fairs because HR clearly has nothing better to spend its money on. You have dispelled one of the key myths about job fairs: that they are a good place to actually meet the hiring managers.

What should I do after career fair?

7 Things You Need to Do After Attending a Career FairGet organized. Follow-up with employers. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is polished. Try to maintain the connection. Make necessary updates to your resume. Continue practicing your interviewing skills. Reflect on your experience at the career fair.