What are some weather terms?

A glossary of common climate change and meteorological terms.Above Average. In climatology, this refers to the top third of data recorded in the standard 30 year normal period. Anomaly. Departure from normal, difference from the average.Anticyclone. Autumn. Barometric Pressure. Below Average. Climate. Climate Change.

What does Noah stand for weather?

About Our Agency | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA 50th.

What is the abbreviation for weather?


What does SW mean in weather?

SW. South-west or south-westerly Return to top.

What does SW mean in school?

School-wide + 1 variant. Behavior, Presentation, Technology. SW. School Wide.

What does N mean in weather?

The long-term average value of a meteorological paramater (i.e., temperature, humidity, etc.) For example, “temperatures are normal for this time of year” means that temperatures are at or near the average climatological value for the given date.

What does wind NNE mean?

north north east

What does F stand for in weather?

The Fahrenheit scale (/ˈfɑːrənhaɪt/) is a temperature scale based on one proposed in 1724 by the physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit (1686–1736). It uses the degree Fahrenheit (symbol: °F) as the unit.

What does wind WSW mean?


Is WSW wind warm?

In general, winds from the west or southwest are associated with overcast, wet weather. Winds from the south and southeast mainly occur in summer and these bring warm, dry weather. However, southerly winds can sometimes bring hot, thundery weather.

What direction is NNE wind?

Abbreviations are defined below with compass point ranges for each of the wind direction categories: N = North (349 – 011 degrees) NNE = North-Northeast (012-033 degrees) NE = Northeast (034-056 degrees)

What are the 32 compass points?

– The cardinal directions are North (N), East (E), South (S), West (W), at 90° angles on the compass rose. – The ordinal (or intercardinal) directions are Northeast (NE), Southeast (SE), Southwest (SW) and Northwest (NW), formed by bisecting the angle of the cardinal winds.

What are the 12 directions?

Most IF authoring systems predefine twelve standard directions:The four cardinal directions: north, south, east, and west.The four diagonal directions: northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast.The two vertical directions: up and down.The two relative directions: in and out.

What are the 8 compass points?

By drawing a line in between each of the cardinal points, you can create an eight-point compass that shows the directions for north-east (NE), south-east (SE), south-west (SW) and north-west (NW). For even more accurate readings, some compasses add eight more points to make a total of 16.

What are the 16 compass points?

16-wind compass rose The half-winds are north-northeast (nne), east-northeast (ene), east-southeast (ese), south-southeast (sse), south-southwest (ssw), west-southwest (wsw), west-northwest (wnw) and north-northwest (nnw).

Is East left or right?

By convention, the right hand side of a map is east. This convention has developed from the use of a compass, which places north at the top. However, on maps of planets such as Venus which rotate retrograde, the left hand side is east.

What are the compass points?

The directions on the magnetic compass. The 4 main points are North, South, East and West (going clockwise they are NESW). Halfway between each of these is North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West.

What is it called if you can name every point of a compass rose?

For example, North-by-east (NbE) is one quarter wind from North towards East, Northeast-by-north (NEbN) is one quarter wind from Northeast toward North. Naming all 32 points on the rose is called “boxing the compass”.

What are the four main points of a compass called?

cardinal direction one of the four main points of a compass: north, east, south, west.

What does o mean on a compass?

Re: ‘O’ instead of ‘W’ in compass Yes you’re completely right! This is actually the French letter for west (we say “ouest”), but I didn’t realize that I made it in French.