Television is also referred to as the Tele or the TV. The television is a telecommunication channel and medium which gets utilized for transmitting sound and images. The television is quite important to various families and stakeholders. Likewise, the Tele is important in the day to day life of human beings. The television is used to pass information countrywide. The government uses the television programs to pass information regarding its policies and services to its citizens.

The television has since become part of human life and it has gotten difficult to live without the television. Most people, including those with low living standards have televisions in their houses and residential houses. The television has played an important role in the dissemination of information without which you may miss out on important communication.

The television as well is a source of entertainment to several people and a medium that encourages the development of communities around shared common interests and disseminate news. (Hammond, & Mazdon, 2005). The Tele as well broadens, widens, educates the mind, and induces the imaginations of actors, singers and artists in the entertainment industry. The television has also played a key role in the marketing of goods and services within the country. As a result, therefore, the television has played a critical and an all important role in the advancement, growth and development of the econ0my of most countries.

The television has also created job opportunities to the media personalities and other media employees. (Kapoor,2003). The film industry for instance is dependent on the television for its development. The channels in the Tele provide numerous fun channels to the audiences for instance, the sport, fashion shows, cartoon programs and documentaries among others.