Environmental harm is a result of factors including, industrialization, population increase and natural hazards amongst others. Nevertheless, the cause of damage can result from developments in terms of living. This paper discusses enhancing the living standards of one contributes to damage.

Criteria that are living identifies this degree of abundance, relaxation, material goods and prerequisites accessible to a specified geographical area (“Standard of Living Desk,” n.d.). Fiscal indicators like Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and societal signs like health, infrastructure and education, culture, environment and employment are utilized to assess the standards of the living.

The rise in standards has we do not care all of will be really to boost our status, we think. Natural resources are manipulated a great deal to satisfy the demand for energy; yet this really is since income levels increase most people want to visit inside their own vehicles. Has resulted in damage since the place is affected. Extraction of fossil fuels like oil and coal generates huge quantities of greenhouse gases when burned that ruin the ozone layer (“Expressing difficulty: Environmental Damage compared to Boost in standard of alive”, n.d.).

Livelihoods are determined on resources, so as individual beings are still pursue of improving their livelihoods ways the surroundings has suffered a lot. As a way to better their own living standards, people have begun factories and companies, which are currently degrading the environment by releasing wastes directly.

It is obvious that increase in standards affects the environment. Sustainable utilization of organic the damage reduces. Strict principles and regulations could be enforced to guarantee sustainability.