Over the recent periods, many advancements in technology which have changed the manner in which various tasks are conducted have taken place. Majority of the business activities conducted manually have currently been computerized. This essay will analyses the various ways information technology has changed work practices, since many business and organizations have embraced it.

Firstly, Information technology has led to the creation of monopolies. This is because local business has expanded to the foreign markets. In this regard, improvements in technology have facilitated communication between the parent company and its subsidiary in other countries.

Secondly, Businesses individuals no longer have to travel to hold meetings and conferences instead the gatherings are conducted over the internet through video conferences and teleconferencing. The Skype has also been used as a channel of communication between business and government executives (Dunlop, 2013). IT has therefore saved the time wasted through travelling.

Thirdly, the 24/7 call center which is used to serve and assist customers has benefited the business as the levels of customer satisfaction have increased. In addition, customer complaints are being responded to in time.

Fourthly, through technology most people can work and earn money all over the world. These days’ people do not have to report to the office, they work from home. Similarly, some activities such as hotel bookings are being conducted online.

Lastly, the introduction of information technology has motivated many companies to shift from the manual system of record keeping to a computerized system (Gottlieb, 2015). This has increased efficiency in the organization because cases of lost and damaged records have been minimized. The use of a computerized system has made it easy to access documents and files.

In the final analysis, Information technology has changed work practices in various ways. IT has made it possible for people to communicate all over the world and to keep records in a computerized manner. In essence, IT has revolutionized work culture in a manner that is beneficial to people.