It’s hard to find someone who did not know Winston Churchill. Mysterious and amazing – he will not leave anyone indifferent. Not only that Churchill was an outstanding politician, so it is both an artist and a writer. Aphorisms belonging to Churchill, at all on hearing and today. After a large number of years, we can say with confidence: he is a symbol of the epoch.

The thorny path to success

There is no success without defeats. Only those who have the strength to hold a blow with dignity are capable of great achievements. From childhood he was a capable child. The birth of Winston Leonard-Spencer Churchill marked the beginning of an unusual, but not always fairy-tale life. At one of the balls, in the dressing room, and the future leader of the English society was born. Sir Winston participated in the Anglo-Boer War, was captured, fled, hid; he was sought, but he managed to slip away.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

– Winston Churchill

Perhaps, if there was an Alfred Nobel Prize for a better political leader and military strategist, then undoubtedly Winston Churchill would be the worthiest laureate. Although, and without that the works of the honorable Sir of Great Britain were appreciated. In particular, Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize for achievements in literature in 1953. And it’s not surprising, because only he could be so sarcastic, sarcastic, sometimes biased in politics, war and peace, culture, journalism and education. The British received not only a worthy leader, but also a truly brilliant thinker. A true Englishman, Winston Churchill, was able to resolve not only political conflicts, but also enrich the English language. “Churchillisms” – the author’s neologisms of Sir Winston added the language of life and revealed all the features of the English mentality and features of a specific English sense of humor. Churchill’s legacy is usually called the Churchill, which covers aphorisms and remarks, sayings and public speeches of an outstanding politician and orator. Churchill’s style is not to everyone’s liking. Perhaps because of its sarcasm, cynicism and sarcasm. But he is always accurate and concise. This style cannot be forgotten. English language opens in front of us in a new inviting light, poured with words-pearls.

“You have enemies?” That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. “

– Winston Churchill

The symbol of two epochs

But not only the verbal labors left us Sir Winston. On the Internet, you can often find pictures that begin with the words “Keep calm…”. And, interestingly, this is not the creation of our time, but rather a popular poster of the Second World War. It all started in 1939. On the eve of the war, the British government decided to raise the patriotic spirit of citizens, as well as to distract the people from fear of the upcoming military actions. So there was the idea of creating a poster. The criteria were: recognition, conciseness, emotionality. That is, all the posters had to be made in one style, and they were united by a single graphic element – the prototype of the crown of George VI. Initially, the Ministry of Information proposed three versions of the poster.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill

The first: “Your courage, optimism and determination lead us to victory”, the second: “Freedom in Danger, protect her with all her might” and the third, printed with a circulation of 2.5 million copies, “Keep calm and carry on.”

The first two posters were popular and were pasted already in September 1939, but until the last, for some reason, the line never reached. After 50 years, the posters “Keep calm and carry on” were found by the owners of the second-hand bookshop Barter Books. After that, the posters acquired a new content and became quite popular all over the world.