How much is a McLaren MP4-12C cost?

There are 2 used McLaren MP4-12C Spider vehicles for sale near you, with an average cost of $133,990.

Does McLaren still make the MP4-12C?

The McLaren MP4-12C, later known simply as the McLaren 12C, is a sports car that was designed and manufactured by McLaren Automotive….

McLaren 12C
Doors Dihedral
Related McLaren 650S McLaren P1
Engine 3.8 L M838T twin-turbocharged V8

Is a McLaren a daily driver?

Overall though, the McLaren 650S Spider continues to be the best daily driver, and not just the best supercar daily driver, I have ever had. Second, this 650S Spider is a really good car. It’s been completely reliable and problem free. When you are lucky enough to get a car like that, you hold on to it.

What does it cost to service a McLaren MP4 12C?

With the McLaren MP4-12C now in the wild, and some of the first cars getting towards their first service, we thought we ought to have a look at what the new McLaren will cost to maintain.

What was the first year McLaren 12C was made?

So even though the first cars were MP4-12Cs, the post-2012 ones were badged 12C. 1,700 orders were placed before the MP4-12C even appeared in dealerships, and nearly all of those orders were fulfilled in the first full year of production.

Which is the most affordable McLaren to buy?

The most affordable McLarens are the first, and that means an MP4-12C, a car whose introduction was hardly smooth and which McLaren felt the need to restyle, re-engineer, rename and relaunch after just three years on sale.

Can you buy 458 Italia instead of McLaren MP4-12C?

For a variety of reasons, today has been about chatting to a number of McLaren MP4-12C owners (more on that another day) and one chap who’s bought a 458 Italia instead of McLaren because the servicing is free.