How much water does a container garden need?

When you water be sure to moisten the entire root zone. In other words, water until water comes out of the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. It may take as much as ¾ or a gallon of water to thoroughly water a 10 to 12 inch container.

How far apart should I plant Calibrachoa?

Supplement the soil with compost, or alternatively top-soil with around 1 -2 inches of organic mulch. Dig a hole that is large enough to accommodate the size of their rootball, and carefully firm down the surrounding soil. Your Calibrachoa plants should be spaced no less than six inches apart, but no more than twelve.

How many geraniums are in a container?

Plant spacing

Plant Flower pouch 30cm (12″) patio container
Geranium (bedding Pelargoniums) 10 5
Geranium (trailing Pelargoniums) 10 5
Lobelia 10 10
Pansy and Viola 10 8

How much lime do you put in a potted plant?

As a rule, plan to add one tablespoon of pulverized lime to the 1-1-1 mix for a six-inch pot, doubling the amount for 10 and 12-inch pots. For large containers, rely on a portable pH soil tester to verify the pH of the 1-1-1 after you have incorporated pulverized limestone into the wet soil mix.

How do you keep a Calibrachoa blooming?

Thriving in full sun with six to eight hours of direct sunlight each day, calibrachoa also tolerates partial shade, says the Missouri Botanical Garden, where it blooms somewhat less profusely. The plant needs regular watering, every week in the growing season, and more if you grow it in a container.

How do I make Calibrachoa bushy?

Pinching, or removing, the growth tips of young Million Bells plants at planting time and again about three weeks later encourages full, bushy growth. Pinch each tip just above a set of leaves.

Do geraniums grow better in pots or in the ground?

Whether you are planting your geraniums in the ground or in a pot, geraniums are generally one of the easier plants to take care of. They can be planted in spots that get full sun, partial sun, or light shade. It is best to plant geraniums in soil that drains well.

Do I need to add lime to potting mix?

Most commercial fertilizers contain the three primary nutrients required for plant growth: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Potting mixtures often lack minor nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur and iron causing container-grown plants to turn yellow. Apply one tablespoon of lime per gallon of soil mixture.