How do I contact TCS help desk?

Contact Us

  1. TSR Darashaw Limited (TSRDL) Ph: +91-22-6656 8484. Fax: +91-22-6656 8494.
  2. Email: [email protected]. Mailing Address: Tata Consultancy Services Limited.
  3. Samir Seksaria. Chief Financial Officer.
  4. Investor Relations. Kedar Shirali.
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Does TCS have office in USA?

TCS has a 40-year history in North America, working with its first American clients in 1974 and opening its first office in New York in 1979. TCS has a significant and growing presence in North America, with over 40000 employees working in 450 work locations.

What is TCS Service Desk?

2 days ago
TCS Recruitment: The role of a Service Desk Role Executive includes review, triage, respond, update, and assign tickets within the ticketing system.

How do I contact TCS Nqt admin?

  1. Contact Us : 1800 266 6282 ( India Toll Free )
  2. E-mail : [email protected].
  3. SMS : ‘TCSiON dghub’ to 56161.
  4. Address : Olympus, Hiranandani Estate, Ghodbunder Road, Patlipada, Thane West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Pin : 400607.

How can I contact supervisor in TCS?

These ar the key TCS Ultimatix numbers you need are as follows:

  1. US Toll Free – 1 855 829 8882.
  2. UK Toll Free – 00800 827 88888.
  3. Canada Toll Free – 011 800 827 88888.
  4. India Toll Free – 1800 419 8887.
  5. India – 0484-661-8888.

Who is the CEO of TCS 2020?

Rajesh Gopinathan –
Rajesh Gopinathan – CEO & Managing Director, TCS.

Are you minor means in TCS?

– Students need to sign up as minors on the platform. Access to the platform is enabled for the students only after Parent’s/Guardian’s consent. Once a student signs up on the platform as a minor, the Parent/Guardian receives an email to approve their access to the platform.

What is good score in TCS Nqt?

What Is The Minimum Good Score For Better Opportunity?

91% to 100% Excellent
81% to 90 Good
60% to 80% Moderate
Below 60% Low

How do I contact the help desk?

Desktop Website. Click the blue question mark button in the bottom right-hand corner. Type in a little about what you need help with. If the answer comes up, that may solve your question. If you find you need to contact the help desk, click Send a Message. Enter your details, and send it on it’s way!

What is ultimatix TCS?

Ultimatix is an official portal of TCS and it can be easily accessed by the TCS employees. It is an official portal, so it has URL when it was created, but now it has been changed.

What is global service desk?

Global Service Desk. Publish date: A reliable, flexible connection between end users and business enablement. For many businesses, the Service Desk is the initial point of contact for the customer, intermediary or end-user.