What is a RD 108 form?

The RD-108 form is a combined tax collection, vehicle title and registration application, and statement of vehicle sale. Each RD-108 must be typed and completed in full.

How do I transfer ownership of a trailer in Michigan?

If you purchased a used trailer, bring the existing title to a Secretary of State office to have it transferred into your name. You must submit the title application or transfer within 15 days of the date you purchased the trailer.

How do I get a clean title for a car in Michigan?

Call the Michigan Secretary of State at 888-767-6424 if the lender will not send the title. Provide the office with your lender’s contact information, loan information and the vehicle’s information. The office will take steps to provide you with the title if you have satisfied your obligation.

What is CVR fee?

“Optional electronic transfer fee” means a charge for services agreed upon between the parties for electronic transmission of ownership records. The law provides that “At least half of the fee must be paid to an electronic transmission service provider.” The transaction charge to CVR is $12 each.

How much are tags in Michigan?

You can take this report with you when you go to the Michigan Secretary of State office. You will have to pay a fee of $5 for a new plate, replacement vehicle registration, and replacement car tag.

What do I need to bring for a title transfer?

What Do I Need To Transfer A Car Title?

  • Completed Title Transfer Application Form, signed by you and possibly notarized.
  • Proof of Car Insurance Coverage.
  • Insurance Policy Documents with Name and Date.
  • All Vehicle Documents from Seller, Like the title and possibly a Bill of Sale.
  • Driver’s License or Government Issued ID.

Do you need insurance on a trailer in Michigan?

Under Michigan law, there are no specific travel trailer insurance requirements. However, even if auto insurance isn’t required under No-Fault, it is wise to get insurance for a trailer to ensure that you have the following types of protections: Liability coverage. Comprehensive coverage.

Do trailers in Michigan have titles?

Every motor vehicle, trailer coach, and trailer driven or moved on public roads must be title and registered. Under Michigan law the following vehicles are exempt from titling and registering: A trailer weighing less than 2,500 pounds is exempt from titling but must be registered (a title may be issued on request).

Does Michigan have electronic titles?

In 2014, Public Acts 290-292 were passed for the State of Michigan to offer an Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) program. The ELT program launched on March 16, 2021, allowing for the electronic exchange of lien and title information with lienholders in lieu of a paper certificate of title.

Is Michigan a non title holding state?

Michigan is one of only nine states that are “non-title holding” states, in which titles are mailed to the owner rather than the lien holder. These states include: Arizona, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wisconsin.