Are Wacker Neuson skid steers any good?

“They have a cab-forward design. The machine feels very solid loading trucks even with that heavy bucket full of material at full height,” says Kaiser. “They’ve done a great job creating stability. The loader arms are real strong.

Are Wacker Neuson mini excavators any good?

Overall, the Wacker Neuson 1404 is a compact excavator well suited for tight spaces. It may not have the most comfortable operator station but its adjustable undercarriage and minimal tail swing design significantly make it a nimble compact excavator.

Who builds Cat mini excavators?

Wacker Neuson
Wacker Neuson will leverage its manufacturing and product development capability to produce Caterpillar mini-excavators in the under 3-ton category. Caterpillar currently offers three models in this size range.

How heavy is a jumping jack?


Operating Weight 131 – 168 lbs
Overall Width 11″ – 14″
Compaction Force 2,695 – 3,350 lbs

What oil do you use for jumping jacks?

For lubrication, use automobile engine oil of 10W-30 SE, SF or better grade. Capacity is 830cc. -Fill the fuel tank with regular gasoline (unleaded).

Who makes Wacker skid steer?

The Wacker Neuson Group
About Wacker Neuson The Wacker Neuson Group is a global manufacturer of more than 300 products. With North America as the largest market for skid steers, the company recognized an opportunity to create its own version at the Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, facility.

Who builds Neuson?

Caterpillar has decided to end a 6-year-old strategic alliance with German manufacturer Wacker Neuson, phasing out the Wacker Neuson-made mini excavators that have carried the Caterpillar brand under that agreement, and begin producing its own line of the machines.

Is the Wacker Neuson wheel loader battery powered?

Wacker Neuson’s battery-powered vibratory plates operate completely emission-free and are therefore suitable for many sensitive applications. Dealer Locator Concrete Technology Internal Vibrators

What kind of plates does Wacker Neuson make?

Wacker Neuson produces a comprehensive range of single direction vibratory plates for compaction of soil and asphalt. All of our extremely robust machines have high engine capacities Dealer Locator

How to contact Wacker Neuson dealer in USA?

Fax 800-822-0710. [email protected]. Service Support and Warranty. Mon – Fri 7:00 am – 5:30 pm CST. Phone 800-770-0957 (Option 2) Fax 888-596-6579. or 262-250-3540. [email protected]. Parts Support.