Will there be a Static Shock series?

And he’s not the only Safety alum attached to Static Shock, as Reginald Hudlin, who directed the Disney+ movie and has an extensive comic book writing resume, will produce this DC flick alongside Michael B. He also has a new comic book series coming called Static: Season One that launches in June.

Was Static Shock Cancelled?

Static Shock was ultimately cancelled due to the low production of associated merchandising products.

How many seasons are there of Static Shock?

Static Shock/Number of seasons
In the year 2000, the DC superhero Static made his way to the Kids WB Saturday morning lineup, electrifying audiences with 52 episodes that ran over the course of four seasons.

What is Static Shock rated?

Against this new and growing threat, Static is determined to fight for justice, even while his personal life gets a major shock to its system….Static Shock ratings (TV show, 2000-2004)

Rank 5,139 / 20,383
Total votes 3,435
Average votes 66
Average rating 6.0 / 10

Does DC own Static Shock?

In June 2010, DC Comics announced that Static would be receiving his own series in 2011. A new series featuring Static titled Static Shock was launched in September 2011 as part of DC’s relaunch after the Flashpoint event.

How much static is in a human body?

One experimenter estimates the capacitance of the human body as high as 400 picofarads, and a charge of 50,000 volts, discharged e.g. during touching a charged car, creating a spark with energy of 500 millijoules.

How much Static is in a human body?

Why do I get static shock?

When electrons are given up by materials like glass, hair or certain types of fabric via friction, and those electrons build up voltage, the material becomes likely to attract an electric current, which we feel as a static shock, also known as electrostatic discharge.

Is the DCAU worth watching?

The 10 Best DC Animated Movies (According To IMDB) The DCAU clearly being ahead of the comics and DCEU, it has made some great movies worthy of recognition. Resonating for years, many find those versions of their beloved characters as the definitive versions even better than the live-action films.

Who is the creator of Static Shock animation?

Western Animation / Static Shock. Static Shock is an animated series based on the Milestone Comics series Static (albeit with several deviations). Created by Dwayne McDuffie, it is one of the rare instances where a comic book’s creator was also the main creative force behind the animated adaptation.

How many episodes of Static Shock are there?

Static Shock aired on the Kids’ WB! programming block of The WB from September 23, 2000, until May 22, 2004. The first African American superhero-centered television series, it ran a total of 52 episodes.

Who are the villains in Static Shock TV series?

For the villains, Hotstreak was reused from the Static comics, Edwin Alva was brought from another Milestone’s series— Hardware —, and the group Meta-Breed was created for the TV series. The third season marks Richie turning into superhero Gear.

When did Static Shock Rebirth of the cool come out?

A new comic miniseries, “Static Shock!: Rebirth of the Cool”, was released between January and September 2001. ‘Rebirth of Cool’ featured Static change his costume to the version used on this animated series. See more » Adam : This is not the way to go about it Static.