Will CES 2021 happen?

The group had already announced plans to do so in July 2020, when it announced that CES 2021 would be shifting to an all-digital format due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Other major tech conferences, like IFA 2021 in the fall, are also returning to in-person events this year.

How can I watch CES 2021?

How to watch CES 2021. CES 2021 presentations are split across a few different online channels, and some are exclusive to attendees, but CTA is providing a free livestream of the biggest keynotes and general coverage of major CES announcements on YouTube.

Where Will CES 2020 be held?

Las Vegas Convention Center
2020 International CES/Location

Will CES 2022 be Cancelled?

In July 2020, I led the decision process to cancel our live, in-person, CES and opt for a digital show instead. This was a difficult choice because I knew it was going to have a negative effect on a lot of people.

What is the purpose of CES?

While CES’ main purpose is to be a technology industry trade show, it has evolved and added an area for start-ups to show off their new products in a section called Eureka Park.

What is a CES certification?

CERTIFIED EXPORT SPECIALIST (CES) PROGRAM. About the Program. The NCBFAA’s Certified Export Specialist (CES) certification program is designed to help trade professionals involved in the export industry to become competent and knowledgeable in the current export regulations.

Who can attend CES 2021?

Who Can Attend. CES is a trade-only event for individuals 18 years of age or older and affiliated with the consumer technology industry.

How can I attend CES 2020?

To attend CES, you must submit business credentials in advance to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, the host of CES, so they can verify your affiliation with the consumer technology industry. If you are a returning show attendant from a previous year, you must create a new registration account for CES 2022.

What was the Big News at CES 2020?

The car manufacturer debuts the first two robots off the line at CES 2020 and will use them to explore autonomous vehicle businesses, for warehousing and delivery. CES 2020 announcement says this will make it easier for brands and marketers to use machine learning to optimize ads before they go live.

What did soslab win at CES 2021?

SOSLAB won the CES 2021 Innovation Awards for its Solid-state LiDAR ‘ML’ for autonomous vehicles in the Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation category. The product enables simpler vehicle sensor deployment in terms of size, weight, and stability.

When is the next CES in Las Vegas?

CES 2021 will arrive on schedule, starting on Monday, January 11, and continue through Thursday, January 14. But instead of the usual grandiose trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, it’ll be going fully online as a virtual event.

What kind of laptops are at CES 2021?

These include the Ampere RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060. Nvidia also showed three laptops, each powered by one of the processors. Lenovo showed off two gaming laptops, the Legion 7 and Slim 7, that will be joining its lineup in 2021. Both feature AMD’s Ryzen 5000 processors and Nvidia’s next-gen laptop RTX graphics cards.