Why London is the right destination to learn the English language

The best way to learn any language is to live among its native speakers so that you can apply your learnings to real-life scenarios. Hence, London is one the best destinations in the world to pursue an English course where you can learn the language from the people who invented it! London is one of the biggest cities in the world, steeped in history and home to several iconic English writers in the world.

This article goes through the reasons why you should pursue an English course in the capital of the U.K.

Benefits of studying English in London

Here are the main reasons to explore the option of studying in London.

London has something for everyone.

No matter how you are as a person, London has something to keep you occupied in your free time. The city offers several Michelin-star restaurants, quirky and cheap street food stalls and food pubs, and many other gastronomic delights if you are a foodie and love to indulge yourself. Nature lovers can head over to the green canopies of the Royal Gardens and the Trafalgar square to enjoy serene greens. If you are interested in art and culture, the city has some of the greatest theatres, art galleries and museums to keep you entertained.

It is a great place to learn the history of English language.

It is important to know and appreciate the history of the language to become fully acquainted with it. London gives you a chance to become lost in the language’s history. Studying in the city gives you easy access to iconic sites such as the Westminster Abbey, the London Bridge, the Oxford University Library, and Strafford-de-Avon (place of residence of William Shakespeare) that have inspired a large portion of English literature.

The city is a potboiler of different cultures.

The city of London is a melting pot for people belonging to different countries, cultures, and ethnic diversities. You can experience elements of different cultures without having to catch a plane to different countries. Such a multi-cultural experience enriches your student life and helps in improving your English and communication skills when you interact with people from every part of the planet.

It provides great networking opportunities.

Studying in the city helps you in creating business and networking opportunities in addition to improving your language skills. Networking events such as start-up meets, TedX talks, and alumni meets can be found throughout the city, offering you to make strategic and business connections. London being one of the economic centres of the world, also provides you with a chance to connect with the who’s who of the business and financial world.

How to choose an English course in London

To choose the perfect school for learning English in the city, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Look out who offer English language courses in London.
  • Make sure that the school or institute has a lot of accreditations
  • Make a list of the available courses.
  • Check which schools offer accommodation to their students
  • Find out more about the course timings, duration, and mode of education.
  • Choose a course or school that has decent class sizes and offer the best services to its students.
  • Compare the costs of the course to determine which one fits your budget.

London provides a host of benefits and alternatives to students to wish to learn English. It is especially feasible for foreign students as it is connected to all parts of the world and offers all the advantages of a metropolitan city.