Why is my Norelco shaver not working?

It is possible that your shaver does not turn on or move because it is dirty. There can be hair or dirt particles stuck inside it, causing the shaving heads to be blocked. To fix this problem, properly clean your shaver. If possible, remove the shaving head and clean your shaver from the inside as well.

How long does a Philips Norelco shaver last?

It’s recommended by most brands that foils and blades should be changed every 12-18 months to continue the performance of your electric shaver.

How do I reset my Philips shaver?

In some models, you can reset the razor. Press and hold the On/Off button for approximately 10 seconds. The shaving unit symbol is automatically shown for 7 to 10 successive shaves and will then stop. You can reset it manually as well.

What does orange light mean on Norelco shaver?

When the bottom bar flashes orange, this means that the battery is almost empty. Once your shaver is fully charged, the light stays on for 15 or 30 minutes and then automatically turns off to save energy.

How do you unlock a Philips Shaver?

The travel lock on your Philips Shaver is activated To deactivate the travel lock, press the on/off button of your shaver for three to five seconds. Now try turning the shaver on again.

How do I know if my Norelco is charging?

The charging indicator on your device will start flashing to indicate that the groomer is charging. Once the groomer is fully charged, the charging indicator lights up continuously for approximately 30 minutes and then automatically turns off to save energy.

Is the Norelco 3500 a wet or dry shaver?

Philips Norelco Shaver 3500 gives you a comfortable, refreshing shave with wet or dry use. 5D Pivot & Flex heads, ComfortCut blade system, and full washability help ensure a smooth, skin-friendly result. Get a clean shave with Philips shaver.

How does VAT work on Philips Norelco shaver?

The VAT amount will be deducted from the price shown above. Look for full details in your shopping basket. The Philips Norelco Shaver 3500 (formerly called PowerTouch) adds power to your morning. Now with more minutes per charge, fully washable heads and DualPrecision blades, you’ll fly through your morning routine.

What are the blades on the Philips electric shaver?

This electric shaver’s 27 ComfortCut blades cut each hair right above skin level to give you a smooth and even finish. Refine and define your mustache and sideburns with the pop-up trimmer—and complete your look with ease.