Why is my external hard drive freezing my computer?

Sometimes, Windows users may use additional second hard drive on their PC to maximize the storage capacity, or even for regular backups. However, the secondary hard drive may freeze your PC due to reasons such as malware threats, bad sectors on the HDD, messy HDD connections, and even faulty hard drive itself.

How do I fix USB malfunctioning?

How do I fix the last USB I connected malfunctioned?

  1. Right-click the Windows start menu and choose Device Manager.
  2. Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  3. Right-click on the malfunctioned USB device and click Uninstall device.
  4. Follow the prompts to uninstall and restart your PC.

Why does my USB Keep malfunctioning?

The exact cause to this problem varies on different combinations of computer environments. It could be caused by malfunctioned USB ports, USB controllers bugs, or outdated, missing or faulty USB ports.

Why does my computer freeze when I plug in my flash drive?

Thus, if USB Flash Drive freezes your computer when plugged-in to one of the ports, then you can try to connect it to another port and see if it works. If connecting your USB Drive to another port on your PC also ends up freezing your PC, that means there is a problem with either your PC or all the ports on your PC.

What to do when USB freezes your computer?

This DWORD will allow us to view hidden and non-present USB devices in Device Manager that are freezing your Computer when plugged-in. Right-click on newly created DWORD and select Modify… to change its value which is set to 0 (Zero) by default.

What happens when you plug in a USB flash drive?

In the mean time, you face issues like missing file (s) or some part of the file (s) missing or corrupt. This also causes the loss of data. Apart from such issues, a common and very irritating issue caused by USB flash drives is PC freezing, which lasts until you restart the PC.

Why does my computer hang after plugging in a USB drive?

Computers hanging after plugging-in the USB drive is very common issue. There might be two most common reasons behind this – corrupt USB disks (maybe with some hardware errors) and corrupt USB port drivers. Sometimes USB drive issues occur after improper ejection of USB drives.