Why Is Fanduel Such A Popular Dfs Site?

When people think of daily fantasy sports (DFS), they think of two of the biggest companies FANDUEL and DRAFTKINGS . Both of these dominate the industry in each and every sense, but the debate is tiresome and long as which site is the best actually.

It is important to know everything about any site where you are depositing and trying to win cash. FanDuel without doubt is one of the top daily fantasy gaming sites you will find, it has some fluid movement behind it with an announcement in 2016 that it will merge with top rival, Draftkings. That merger was temporarily delayed, but Draftkings and FanDuel continue to operate separately at an Elite level. If you are planning on playing at FanDuel , then spend some time reading through the review of FanDuel .

What is FanDuel?

When it comes to DFS , FanDuel is one of the leading DFS websites. Sports fans Research and create DFS lineups of their choosing, consisting of real-life athletes. When the team produces enough points, it can win real money. A number of sports can be played in a variety of different ways, you can play for free, you can even battle your friends and you can play for serious cash. If you are familiar with fantasy Sports, it is an easy concept and understandably lots of fun.


FanDuel, some brilliant Minds together to offer highly engaging and versatile products to the masses. It started in Texas in 2009 behind the founders Nigel Eccles and Tom Griffiths and has evolved into the daily fantasy conglomerate . Initially in the industry of shortening the season-long grind of fantasy sports to weekly or one day contests, FanDuel grew to be one of the top DFS sites and has changed the game forever. It has received a lead notoriety along the way, locking numerous prestigious awards over the years, including the FTSA’s best daily fantasy product in 2014 and company of the year in 2012, you need not wonder how legit FanDuel is, it has a massive User list of 6 million DFS Gamers, 5 star rating for the app on the iPhone and iPad and 4 million downloads across all platforms. FanDuel entered , conquered and kept pushing, creating and expanding, for more information you can visit www.gamedayr.com. Now uniting with Draftkings and giving DFS a giant to look up to, FanDuel has never looked more ready to cater to the increasing needs of the DFS industry.

The FanDuel site looks brighter , cleaner and is easier to use. It also went through a mild face lift for the brand, they added an improved logo and introduced their friends Mode campaign in 2017. FanDuel is cleaner and easier on the eyes, for strategy purposes the site’s roster and salary settings are much more palatable.

FanDuel is a trusted site that provides an Elite product giving anyone an opportunity to compete at a high level in the daily fantasy sports. You need to personally put in the research, time and cash to rise in the ranks and prove that you are good enough to win but FanDuel gives you a chance to do that as well. With FanDuel you get elite competition, high end contests and promotions and a platform easy to understand and use. If you have not entered into daily fantasy sports yet and you are willing to, Fanduel is a fantastic place to begin and regularly compete.