Who won the battle of Badajoz?

the British
The siege was one of the bloodiest in the Napoleonic Wars and was considered a costly victory by the British, with some 4,800 Allied soldiers killed or wounded in a few short hours of intense fighting during the storming of the breaches as the siege drew to an end….Siege of Badajoz (1812)

Date 16 March – 6 April 1812
Result Coalition victory

When was the Battle of Badajoz?

March 16, 1812 – April 6, 1812
Siege of Badajoz/Periods

What happened Badajoz?

The Badajoz massacre occurred in the days after the Battle of Badajoz during the Spanish Civil War. Between 500 and 4,000 civilian and military supporters of the Second Spanish Republic were killed by the Nationalist forces after the seizure of the town of Badajoz on August 14, 1936.

When was the Battle of Ciudad Rodrigo?

January 7, 1812 – January 20, 1812
Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo/Periods

What was the first battle in the Spanish Civil War?

The Battle of Badajoz
The Battle of Badajoz was one of the first major engagements of the Spanish Civil War, resulting in a tactical and strategic Nationalist victory, however at a significant cost in time and troops….Battle of Badajoz (1936)

Date August 14, 1936
Location Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain
Result Nationalist victory

What province is Badajoz in?


What is Badajoz known for?

Badajoz was the birthplace of the painter Luis de Morales (“The Divine”) and the New World conquistador Pedro de Alvarado. Ruins of the Moorish castle at Badajoz, Spain.

What is Badajoz Spain known for?

The legendary site of one of history’s great battles, Badajoz glowers down the 60-foot wall at the crossroads of a major river and a strategic highway between Portugal and Spain. This bastion city blocked Arthur Wellesley’s (later the Duke of Wellington) access to Napoleon’s armies.