Who played Margaret Thatcher better Gillian Anderson or Meryl Streep?

The Washington Post’s Hank Stuever added: “The real news this time is Gillian Anderson’s devastatingly precise portrayal of Margaret Thatcher.” Stuever goes so far to say her performance is “better” than Meryl Streep’s Oscar-winning take on Thatcher in 2011’s The Iron Lady.

Why was Thatcher called The Iron Lady?

She was the longest-serving British prime minister of the 20th century and the first woman to hold that office. A Soviet journalist dubbed her the “Iron Lady”, a nickname that became associated with her uncompromising politics and leadership style.

Who played Margaret Thatcher best?

actress Gillian Anderson
There have been many portrayals of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher throughout history, but actress Gillian Anderson is already drawing buzz for her nuanced performance of the controversial woman in Season 4 of Netflix’s “The Crown.”

Did Meryl Streep play in the crown?

While Anderson is the heavyweight new addition to the “The Crown” cast (and taking on the role that won Meryl Streep a Best Actress Oscar for “The Iron Lady”), Corrin is the newcomer who is expected to break out with her prominent role as Princess Diana.

Does Gillian Anderson play Margaret Thatcher in The Crown?

The first came early, with Anderson’s turn as a sex-therapist mom on the second season of the celebrated U.K. comedy series Sex Education; the second arrived at the year’s end, with the X-Files star portraying former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the Emmy-winning royal drama The Crown.

Which lady is known as Iron Lady?

“The Iron Lady” is a nickname of Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013), the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Will Margaret Thatcher be in the crown?

Gillian Anderson is Margaret Thatcher in The Crown season 4. Netflix royal drama The Crown has always been the story of the woman on the throne. In Season 4, the queen is joined by two additional women who had a huge impact on the nation and the world: Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher.