Who is the most important character in brave new world?

The name Mond means “world,” and Mond is indeed the most powerful character in the world of this novel.

Who are the main characters in brave new world?

Mustapha Mond
Bernard MarxHelmholtz WatsonLenina CrowneJohn the Savage
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Who is Lenina’s best friend?

Frannie is Lenina Crowne’s best friend, a Beta Plus who embraces her conditioning and New London’s social order.

Who is tomakin brave new world?

The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning, called “Tomakin” by Linda. He occupies an important position in the brave new world but loses it when Linda announces that he is the father of their son, John. Henry Foster An Alpha who is seeing Lenina Crowne. He is a typically conventional Londoner.

Is the DHC an Alpha?

He’s The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning. He’s a highly regarded Alpha male who enjoys taking people on tours of the hatchery. He is also included to show that not all conditioning is perfect — which is interesting because he is the D.H.C. and you would think he would be perfectly “done.”

Is Bernard an Alpha?

Although Bernard is an Alpha-Plus (the upper class of the society), he is a misfit. He is unusually short for an Alpha; an alleged accident with alcohol in Bernard’s blood-surrogate before his decanting has left him slightly stunted.

Why does Lenina wear green?

It is an interesting contradiction and bit of dramatic irony that Lenina wears green against her social category. Olive greens can denote decay or illness; spring green denotes innocence and fertility.

Who is the most powerful character in Brave New World?

He also keeps a collection of forbidden literature in his safe, including Shakespeare and religious writings. The name Mond means “world,” and Mond is indeed the most powerful character in the world of this novel. Read an in-depth analysis of Mustapha Mond.

Who are the world controllers in Brave New World?

Mustapha Mond – The Resident World Controller of Western Europe, one of only ten World Controllers. He was once an ambitious, young scientist performing illicit research.

What did Bernard do in Brave New World?

He envies John’s friendship with his closest friend, Helmholtz; when John stages a brief rebellion in the hospital, Bernard can’t decide whether to support the two, and when arrested, he makes an embarrassing plea for clemency.

Who is Arch Community Songster in Brave New World?

He is a threatening figure, with the power to exile Bernard to Iceland. But he is secretly vulnerable because he fathered a child (John), a scandalous and obscene act in the World State. The Arch-Community-Songster is the secular, shallow equivalent of an archbishop in the World State society.