Who is the guy on the YouTube channel mrwoofless?

Robert Aaron Latsky (born on June 28, 1992 (1992-06-28) [age 27]), better known as MrWoofless, is behind the MrWoofless YouTube channel.

Who are the parents of woofless in Minecraft?

Woofless in real life. Robert’s, or Rob, birthday is June 28th, and he has one brother, Jason, and he does have 2 cousins he’s been on some trips with. He also has featured his father and mother in some of his videos. His mother is known as Mama Woof, and has been featured in a How to Minecraft stream/video.

When did the cosmicpvp factions server come out?

CosmicPvP is a Minecraft Factions server created by MrWoofless and PrestonPlayz. The server opened in 2014 and features the most dynamic and unique factions experience available today! Home to 6 planets (both vanilla and custom enchant) each with individual cultures, economies, communities, and much more, CosmicPvP offers a place for everyone.

Is there going to be season 5 of mrwoofless?

Current series on the main channel (MrWoofless): In December 2013, Ryan announced that he would have to drop content creation on YouTube and Twitch in order to better accommodate the increasing workload as the and according to the season, having different versions of the name. For instance, Season Five was “Team Hot’n’Spicy V5”.

Where did rob from mrwoofless go to college?

Rob was born Robert Aaron Latsky to Michael and Debi, who are now divorced, and is a graduate of Selwyn House School in Westmount, Quebec. His brother Jason also attended Selwyn House. Rob origingally went to college and studied financing before YouTube.

How old is mrwoofless the Minecraft YouTuber?

[age 28] ), better known as MrWoofless, is a Canadian YouTuber. He first gained popularity through the weekly Machinima series “Passive Aggression.” He has a two- channel combination, mainly hosting Minecraft on his main channel, MrWoofless and other PC games on his secondary channel, TheWoofless .