Who is known as Kashmir simham?

Akbar Jehan Abdullah (1916 – 11 July 2000) was an Indian Kashmiri politician.

How many wives does Sheikh Abdullah have?

Sheikh Abdullah
Died 8 September 1982 (aged 76) Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Political party Jammu and Kashmir National Conference
Spouse(s) Begum Akbar Jahan Abdullah
Children Farooq Abdullah, Suraiya Abdullah Ali, Sheikh Mustafa Kamal, Khalida Shah

Who was the wife of Sheikh Abdullah?

Begum Akbar Jehan Abdullahm. 1933
Sheikh Abdullah/Wife

Who was the son of Sheikh Abdullah?

Farooq Abdullah
Sheikh Abdullah/Sons

What is Mir Qasim resolution?

Dissolution. The Constituent Assembly adopted and ratified Mir Qasim resolution to dissolve itself on 17 November 1956. According to this resolution, the Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir ceased to exist on 26 January 1957.

Who became CM of Kashmir after death?

Farooq Abdullah
Preceded by President’s Rule
Succeeded by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed
President Jammu & Kashmir National Conference

Who is the real father of Farooq Abdullah?

Sheikh Abdullah
Farooq Abdullah/Fathers
He is the son of the 1st elected Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Sheikh Abdullah, and father of former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah.

Who was the last Dogra ruler of Kashmir?

The last ruler of Jammu and Kashmir was Maharaja Hari Singh, who ascended the throne in 1925.

Who are the owners of Nedous Hotel in Lahore?

In Akbar Jehan’s father’s lifetime, the Nedous’ hotels in Lahore, Gulmarg, and Srinagar retained their reputations as classy, plush, and magnificent havens in colonial India.

What did Michael Henry Nedou do for a living?

Michael Henry (Harry) Nedou “spent his time helping the poor, built houses for them, and saved people wrongly convicted from jail and twice from the gallows”

Who are the owners of Nedous Hotel Srinagar?

The birth of the second son, William Arthur Nedou, in 1879, was soon followed by that of the third son and youngest child, Walter Douglas Nedou. The then grandiose Nedous hotel in Srinagar, which was opened in 1900, boasted a confectionery that, for a long time, had no parallel.

Where was Michael Adam Nedou of Nedous born?

In the ‘memorial’ presented to CU Aitchinson, Michael Adam Nedou explained that he was born in Ragusa, Austria (Ragusa is the Italian and Latin name for Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian Coast); he was of Slovak nationality, and had been in British India for the past 25 years.