Who is Dave advert?

Michael Van Schoick
Who is the actor who plays ‘Dave’ in the MoneySupermarket advert? It turns out ‘Dave’ is actually a 28-year-old American actor called Michael Van Schoick, and he gave Grazia his first ever interview (not that we are bragging ofc).

Is the bull in MoneySuperMarket ad real?

We built a fully CG replica of the bull for any shots that were impossible to shoot for real, like on the back of the trawler for example. There are a handful of shots where his head was in the perfect position, but his body was not. In this case we used a hybrid approach of a CG body mixed with his real head.

Why is there a bull in the MoneySuperMarket advert?

Campaign was created by Engine. Moneysupermarket.com has created a new bull mascot to illustrate how the brand can help people stay calm when faced with the impending doom of bills.

What breed is the MoneySuperMarket bull?

Wagyu stud
A little-known fact is that the bull is actually a Wagyu stud. A full time, big swinging, breeding bull. He normally does “his thing” five times a day and as a result was a pretty chilled dude.

Who is in the money supermarket advert?

MoneySuperMarket Advert – Money Calm Bull – Voiced by Actor Matt Berry.

What is the music on money supermarket advert?

The music in the advert The soft piano music in the 2020 Moneysupermarket advert is the famous Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major by Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart written in 1785.

What is the money calm bull called?

MoneySuperMarket has launched a TV advert and multi-media campaign introducing the Money Calm Bull. The campaign builds on last year’s rebrand, which highlighted the feeling of calm you can get from knowing your bills are under control with MoneySuperMarket.

Who is the bull in the money supermarket advert?

MoneySuperMarket Advert – Money Calm Bull – Voiced by Actor Matt Berry. This new MSM TV advert teaches us that even a bull in a china shop can be a calm and relaxing situation when the bull in question is “Money Calm”, thanks to having all his bills taken care of at MoneySuperMarket.

Why Are Bulls called Money calm?

Even in the most anxiety-inducing scenarios, the Money Calm Bull is uncharacteristically calm because its bills are under control with MoneySuperMarket. True to form, the Money Calm Bull keeps “as calm as caramel” as the foul-breathed, slobbering, skyscraper-tall monstrosity maliciously mashes his motor.

Who owns the MoneySuperMarket bull?

The TV spot launches today (Friday) alongside out-of-home, radio, social media and digital activity. It was created by Charlie Gee and Tian Murphy, and directed by Nick Ball through Blink. The “money calm bull” is the latest in a series of animals to feature in ads for Moneysupermarket in the past year.

Does Matt Berry do the money supermarket?

Since 2019, Berry has narrated adverts for Moneysupermarket.com and also voices inserts for Absolute Radio.

Who is the money calm bull?