Who does Judi fight in Bad Girls Club?

Angelic is the physical altercations between Judi Jai and Angie Castillo in the seventh season of Bad Girls Club. Note that there were actually two fights between the two, however, one was cut and not shown in the season.

What happened Judi BGC?

In a plea agreement, Judith Jackson, known on the Oxygen network shows she frequented as “Judi Jai,” pleaded guilty Monday to disorderly conduct regarding a February altercation in Country Club Hills. Other charges, including resisting arrest, were dropped in exchange for her plea.

What is Judi from BGC race?

Everyone always thinks I am Haitian, but I am Louisiana Creole and a lot of other things as well. Haitians speak Kreyol, and Louisiana Creole’s mostly speak French – from France and Spain descendants. I really wanted to show the difference and honour my culture, heritage and ethnicity.

Is Judi from BGC bipolar?

For most of her adult life, Judi, 56, has battled bipolar disorder with a wry sense of humor. β€œI swing easily from mania to deep depression,” she says. β€œIt makes everyday activities difficult and life very unpredictable.”

How old is Judi from Bad Girls Club?

Judith Camille “Judi” Jackson (also known as The Voodoo Vixen) is an original bad girl on Season 7 and Season 13. Judi is currently 28 years old and resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Judi is currently 28 years old and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

When did Bad Girls Club season 4 start?

Oxygen renewed Bad Girls Club for a fourth season in April 2009. Production of the season 4 began in June 2009, similar to seasons 1 through 3. Casting began several weeks before the season premiere of season 3 with potential applicants submitting video tape submissions.

Who are the producers of Bad Girls Club?

Bad Girls Club 4 was produced by Bunim/Murray Productions with Kasey Barrett, Claudia Frank and Esther Frank returning as the main producers of the show. Oxygen renewed its series two months prior the season premiere of season 5.

Who is the Voodoo Vixen on Bad Girls Club?

I woke up to a ton of love.” Judi — AKA “The Voodoo Vixen” — was a star ‘bad girl’ on seasons 7 and 13 of the long-running reality show.