Who are the main characters in Family Guy?

Peter clashes with the owner of a dry cleaning business after he loses one of his white shirts; Brian infuriates Quagmire when he beings dating his old girlfriend, Cheryl Tiegs. Mayor West asks Lois’s depressed, recently divorced sister to marry him; Peter treats Mayor West like a brother instead of a brother-in-law.

Where can I Watch Family Guy for free?

Watch free, clips episodes and videos of Family Guy from Adult Swim. Check out Peter Griffin, Stewie and Brian on AdultSwim.com.

Why did Chris run for homecoming king on Family Guy?

During a birthday party for Bonnie at the Swanson’s, Brian spots Bonnie sitting alone in her bedroom looking very sad. She opens up to Brian, telling him that she feels like she’s wasted much of her adult life taking care of Joe. Chris decides to run for homecoming king and, to the surprise of everyone, wins!

Is the Family Guy parody of Star Wars?

The Trilogy comes full circle in this parody of Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi. Peter blows his savings on lottery tickets and the family writes it off as one of his usual shenanigans until they end up millionaires.

Family Guy Characters Peter Griffin Stewie Griffin Brian Griffin Lois Griffin (voice) Chris Griffin (voice) Meg Griffin (voice) Glenn Quagmire

What was Lady Redbush’s quote in Family Guy?

Lady Redbush: And all those months I was sailing for the New World, I saw your face in every slave’s stomach.

Who is Quagmire’s father on Family Guy?

Visiting Quagmire at his home, Joe and Peter are quickly introduced to Quagmire’s father, Lieutenant Commander Dan Quagmire. Immediately offput by this effeminate mannerisms, and turned off by his boring stories, the two mutually infer that Quagmire’s father is a homosexual.

How many kids does the Family Guy have?

Sick, twisted, politically incorrect and Freakin’ Sweet animated series featuring the adventures of the dysfunctional Griffin family. Bumbling Peter and long-suffering Lois have three kids.