Who are gray wings parents?

Gray Wing’s mother is Quiet Rain. His mates are Turtle Tail and Slate, and his kits are Silver Stripe, Black Ear, and White Tail. He is also the adopted father of Thunderstar, Sparrow Fur, Pebble Heart, and Owl Eyes.

Who is turtle tails mate?

Upon reaching the new territory, she decided to become a kittypet with her friend Bumble, and Turtle Tail became pregnant with Tom’s kits.

Who is Slate warriors?

Slate was an ancient warrior of WindClan. She was initially a rogue who lived on the moor with her brother Cricket. After she lost him to a fox, Slate was invited to join Wind Runner’s group. She was friendly to Gray Wing when they first met, and she saved the tom’s life from a fox.

Who is quiet rains mate?

The next day, Gray Wing is awoken by Stone Song, who states that he will be arranging his new plan, mentioning that he, Quiet Rain, and his mate, Hollow Tree, are going out to hunt.

Is Shadowstar a girl?

Shadowstar, also known as Tall Shadow, is a lithe, sleek and thick-furred, night-black she-cat with vivid, dark green eyes.

Who is Star Flower in Warriors?

Star Flower was an ancient SkyClan warrior under Skystar’s leadership in the forest territories. She was born to One Eye and an unnamed queen. When she first met the moor cats, she and Thunder grew very close. She showed them a new herb, the Blazing Star, which was used to cure an illness infecting the groups.

How do female turtles get pregnant?

Mating done, the female will climb on to the beach, lay her first clutch of eggs, bury them under sand and then return to the water; about two weeks later, she’ll return to the beach to lay her second clutch. In a single season, the female may lay up to eight clutches before leaving the nesting grounds, Balazs said.

What color is Glidden quiet rain?

About Quiet Rain This gentle pastel green paint color is lovely in a dining room or kitchen. Pair this paint color with white or off-white cabinets and trim. May fade in sunlight.

What was Shadowstars warrior name?

Shadowstar, also known as Tall Shadow, is a lithe, sleek and thick-furred, night-black she-cat with vivid, dark green eyes. Shadowstar was the first leader of ShadowClan in the forest territories.

Who is Star Flower?

Starflower is a perennial herb that grows from slender, creeping rhizomes. Leaves are simple and occur in whorls of 5 to 9 at the tip of the stem. They are stalk less or on very short stalks and are entire to very finely-toothed.

Can two male turtles mate?

Males generally arrive much earlier than females, because sea turtle mating runs on a first-come-first-serve basis. As is the case with most other species, males will mate with any female they can. But female sea turtles aren’t very choosy either, in that they don’t seem to actively seek out the best, fittest males.

Where was Gray Wing from in the Warriors?

Gray Wing was a member of Windstar’s camp in the forest territories. He was born in the Ancient Tribe to Quiet Rain alongside his brother, Skystar.

Where does Gray Wing find Turtle Tail and Bumble?

Gray Wing searches for Turtle Tail and Bumble in the Twolegplace, and Gray Wing learns that the Twoleg nest she was living in collapsed. Gray Wing and Turtle Tail find Storm and two of her kits has died in the accident.

Why did Gray Wing leave the Wind Runner Group?

Gray Wing leaves the group to join Wind Runner’s group on the moor with Slate, realizing he would be happier there and becomes mates with Slate. Star Flower, Clear Sky’s new mate, is kidnapped by Slash, and Gray Wing joins the rescue effort to save the expecting queen. When he returns, Slate reveals she’s expecting his kits.

Where does Gray Wing find the blazing star?

When One Eye launches his assault on them, Gray Wing expertly draws out battle plans to counter him and his rogues. He and Tall Shadow find the Blazing Star used to heal the sick cats, and Gray Wing believes they are meant to grow and spread like the five petals of the herb.