Which Takamine guitar models are made in Japan?

All Takamine’s are designed in Japan by Takamine. The G series models (this guitar) are built in China or Korea. (Takamine builds all pro series models in Japan.) This is a wonderful guitar!

Does Takamine make Jasmine?

Jasmine Guitars (the brand) are currently owned by KMC Music Company out of Bloomfield Connecticut (since about 2005). When a service rep wrote back from Takamine Guitar company, there was a connection 10 years ago, but Takamine (Japan) sold the Jasmine brand to KMC as noted above.

Are jasmine and Takamine the same?

KMC music Company owns Jasmine Guitars, but many people say that this brand is handled by a famous Japanese guitar manufacturer called Takamine. But if you visit the official website of Jasmine Guitars, you won’t find anything about Takamine. It was sold to KMC Music Company in 2005.

Where are jasmine acoustic guitars made?

However, with the Jasmine S35: you get to both save money and make zero compromises to sound quality. The Jasmine S35 was designed by a Japanese company known as Takamine acoustic guitars but is now sold by KMC Music Company. The guitars made are still similar, and the guitars are factory-made in China.

Are Takamine still made in Japan?

(株式会社 高峰楽器製作所, Kabushiki-gaisha Takamine Gakki Seisakusho, pronounced [takaꜜmine]) is a Japanese guitar manufacturer based in Nakatsugawa, Gifu, Japan….Takamine (guitar manufacturer)

Native name Takamine Gakki Seisakusho
Founded 1962
Headquarters Nakatsugawa, Gifu , Japan
Area served Worldwide

Is Takamine owned by Fender?

Takamine Guitars Independent in the Global Market Over the course of the last year, Takamine embarked upon a massive journey to free itself from a long term distribution relationship with the once Kaman Music Corporation later known as KMC Music Corp a division of Fender Musical International Corporation.

Did ESP buy Takamine?

ESP Guitars and Takamine Guitars have announced a partnership in which Takamine instruments will be available exclusively through ESP and selected dealers in the USA. “This is a momentous leap forward for both ESP and Takamine,” says Matt Masciandaro, president and CEO of the ESP Guitar Company.

How do you read a Takamine serial number?

The first two digits designate the year of manufacture, followed by two digits denoting the month. The remaining four digits denote the instrument’s sequential number of manufacture among all the instruments made during the month indicated.

Is Takamine a good brand?

While Takamines are generally considered excellent mid-range guitars, they sometimes struggle to earn the respect afforded the big boys like Gibson or Fender. Many Takamine guitars are considered excellent mid-range guitars, buoyed by generally low prices compared to guitars of similar quality.

Are Takamine guitars any good?

What model Takamine do I have?

Look immediately following, or just below the information regarding manufacture date of your instrument, and you will see the model number. Takamine guitars have only numbers to indicate model. These model numbers usually consist of five digits, followed by a hyphen, and ending with another letter.

Are Jasmine guitars good?

The Jasmine acoustic guitars are popular among newbie guitarists due to their incredible design and easy handling. Jasmine S35 Dreadnought is one of the top selling steel string acoustic guitars and available on Amazon at merely low prices. Their guitars are ideal for beginners due to easy playability and good sound.

What are Takamine Guitars made of?

The Takamine GD20-NS 6 String Acoustic Guitar is characterized by a cedar top and mahogany sides and back. The neck has a slim satin finish that’s also made out of mahogany and the fingerboard is made out of rosewood too. It’s got a split-saddle and a pinless bridge for the coveted Takamine intonation.

Where are Jasmine guitars made?

The Jasmine s35 was originally designed and sold as a budget guitar by Takamine , a high-quality Japanese guitar manufacturer. Ownership of the company and production of Jasmine guitars has since shifted to the KMC Music Company. The guitars made today are still very similar, and are currently factory-made in China.

Who makes Jasmine guitars?

Jasmine guitars are made by Takamine, one of the worlds top guitar manufacturer’s. The Jasmine S35QA is a remarkable value and an excellent student guitar made to Takamine’s strict specifications. All Jasmine guitar models are scaled to exact dimensions in fingerboard scale, bracing and acoustic tolerances,…