Which is the best conspiracy theory documentary ever?

Like all of the best conspiracy theory documentaries, it generated much controversy. One of the major criticism of the documentary was that snippets of speech were taken and inserted into the movie out of context to represent something else. For example: Obama speaking about a voluntary peace corps where volunteers could get free training.

Who is the director of the Zeitgeist documentary?

The original Zeitgeist was not so much a film as a multimedia narrative of different clips. It was directed, produced and written by Peter Joseph. The first part of Zeitgeist postulates that the Christian religion is mainly derived from other religions.

Who are the characters in the conspiracy documentary?

Many of the film’s protagonists such as Dan David and Jon Carnes are activist shareholders and due diligence professionals who discovered the fraud including the …

Which is the best place to watch conspiracy films?

Located in the San Francisco Bay area, this picturesque region has been home to Google, Facebook, Apple and countless other companies who have shaped the world… We rely on science to inform our understanding of truth in a confusing world. But when faulty science is accepted as fact, the consequences can be dire.

Are there any conspiracy theories about the NFL?

It’s now public knowledge NFL officials worked to hide information about concussions and other head injuries former players suffered during their careers from the public, and it’s also assumed the NFL wanted to work to erase anything linking playing football to CTE.

Which is the best definition of a conspiracy?

According to the Oxford English dictionary, a conspiracy is a secret plan to commit crime or do harm. It is often accompanied by the plan to cover up the committed misdeed. Throughout history there have been an incredible number of conspiracies and the impact of their accomplishment often echoed through time with a number of consequences.