Where is the GT Aggressor made?

GT was also there for the birth of street riding in the late Eighties with the GT Aggressor (Designed in California, but frames made in Taiwan) and Dyno Slammer bashguard models.

Is GT Aggressor a sport?

The Aggressor Sport is a durable mountain bike from GT that features a 6061 aluminum frame, SR Suntour XCM-DS fork for optimal handling, and a Shimano drivetrain with a 9-speed shifter.

How many gears does the GT Aggressor have?

The Shimano Acera, 12-32, 8-speed gear system is smooth and quick to select up and down gears. The saddle is comfortable and includes an Alloy Micro Adjustment with a 15mm setback.

Who is the marketing director for GT Bicycles?

Bob and Todd continued with the project and Huffman came up with the Auburn name and Bob designed the original logo. When Auburn merged into GT Huffman was hired by GT to manage the brand in addition to his Marketing Director title. GT produced Auburn frames and bicycles until 1997.

When did Gary Turner start making GT Bicycles?

In 1976 Gary Turner begins producing frames for Pedals Ready, a Pro Shop at the Western Sports-A-Rama BMX track in Orange County, California named and marketed as Pedals Ready/GT.

When did GT Bicycles take over Auburn Cycles?

In 1989 GT Bicycles acquires Auburn Cycles another company that Bob Morales started along with Todd Huffman only one year earlier. Originally Auburn was going to be Honda Cycles but the Honda Motor corp. pulled out at the last minute declining to license the name.

Why was Robinson Racing bought by GT Bicycles?

Robinson Racing was acquired by GT Bicycles in 1987 from founder Chuck Robinson due to financial troubles with the company. Chuck went to work for GT and did promotion for them as well as heading up the South America sales because he spoke Spanish as well as other languages.