Where is SharePoint site collection features?

and then click Site Settings. If you don’t see Site settings, click Site information and then click View all site settings. On the Site settings page, click Site collection features under the Site Collection Administration heading.

What are site collections in SharePoint?

A site collection is a group of websites that have the same owner and share administrative settings, for example, permissions, and quotas. When you create a site collection, a top-level site is automatically created in the site collection. You can then create one or more subsites below the top-level site.

How many SharePoint site collections are there?

SharePoint groups A user can belong to 5,000 groups per site (site collection), and each group can have up to 5,000 users. You can have up to 10,000 groups per site (site collection).

What is the SharePoint root site?

The root site URL for SharePoint Online is provisioned based off your input when setting up your Office 365 subscription. For example, if your organization name is Contoso, the root site for SharePoint Online will be https://contoso.sharepoint.com .

What happens when a file is deleted in SharePoint?

Deleted items are retained in recycle bins for a certain period of time. For SharePoint, the retention time is 93 days. When you delete the item from the site recycle bin, it goes into the site collection recycle bin. It stays there for the remainder of the 93 days, and then is permanently deleted.

Can I change a SharePoint team site to communication site?

It is not supported to change site template in SharePoint. You can only find a way to enable communication site experience on modern team sites. There is an OOB method for classic team site but not modern team sites though.

What are the best features of SharePoint?

Top 10 features of SharePoint Term Store 1. Ability to setup Synonyms 2. Ability to create term hierarchies 3. Ability to display term hierarchy 4. Ability to setup owners for different sets of metadata tags (term sets) 5. Automatic or custom sorting 6. Ability to set languages 7. Ability to move and reorganize terms

What are SharePoint site collections and sites?

What are SharePoint site collections and sites? A site collection is made up of one top-level site and all sites below it. Site collections host sites that are going to have something in common. Sites in your site collection help partition your content so that you can have finer control of the appearance and the permission to the content.

Where can I find the SharePoint site?

You can locate a site by either searching for it in the search box at the top of the SharePoint in Microsoft 365 start page or by finding it in one of the sections on the SharePoint in Microsoft 365 start page. Click the star next to the site name in the left nav bar to follow the site. The star will turn solid to show you are following the site.

How do I create a website using SharePoint?

You create a new site in SharePoint by doing the following: Click the Settings gear icon and select Site Contents. Click the New Subsite link, to open the New SharePoint Site form. In the Title and Description text boxes, type a name and description for the new site. Enter a unique site name that will be used in the URL in the URL Name text box.